ROM full form in Computer

The ROM full form in computer is Read Only Memory. It is a non-volatile memory that permanently stores instructions for your computer. Data stored is not erased when a computer restarts or shut down. It stores information that is necessary to run the computer/laptop. ROM allows only read operation. It does not allow write operation. … Read more

RAM full form in Computer

The RAM full form in computer is Random Access Memory. It is a short term data storage used by the computer to run the programs. It is basically volatile memory i.e. it temporary stores files on which you are working on. It allows reading and writing operations on a computer. RAM is expensive than the … Read more

How to Run Facebook on Mobile Without Internet

This post title seems to be somewhat impractical to run facebook on mobile phones without internet. But I must tell you it is possible. You can run facebook on your old classic phone also without any need of multimedia smartphones. Here is the method to Run Facebook on Mobile Without Internet. How to Run Facebook on … Read more

Beware Torrent Downloaders- Google is Going to Take Actions

If you are the one who frequently downloads movies, files and other stuffs from torrent websites then beware. Google and other search engines is going to change their search algorithm. Due to this search algorithm, you are unable to search torrent files easily. This step has taken to reduce the piracy of movies, videos, books, … Read more

World’s Top 10 YouTubers and their Earnings

World’s Top 10 YouTubers and their Earnings YouTube is world’s biggest online video platform. Here crores of people watch videos everyday. Even crores of videos are uploaded everyday on YouTube. It is most popular video platform. You can also upload your videos using your google account. It is free to use and even you can … Read more

How to Change or Reset Your Google Account password

How to Change or Reset Your Google Account password We all have used some of the Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Blogger, Analytics, Adwords, etc. The best thing about google is that you don’t have to have different account for different services. The same account can be used for any google services. Suppose you … Read more