World’s Top 10 YouTubers and their Earnings

Worlds Top 10 YouTubers and their Earnings
World’s Top 10 YouTubers and their Earnings

YouTube is world’s biggest online video platform. Here crores of people watch videos everyday. Even crores of videos are uploaded everyday on YouTube. It is most popular video platform. You can also upload your videos using your google account. It is free to use and even you can earn huge amount of money from YouTube.

Do you ever thought how many YouTube Channels are their on YouTube. There are many channels which have million of Fan following. They are making Millions of dollar from their videos. They show Ads on their video and when someone watch their video, then they earn money depending on Cost per Click or Cost per thousand Views.

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The earnings totally depend upon how many people are watching your videos. This is called as Video traffic. The more popular channel results in huge amount of money. Here I have listed World Top 10 YouTubers With their Earnings.

World’s Top 10 YouTubers and their Earnings in 2016

1. Felix Kjellberg

Yearly Earning – $12 Million
Channel: PewDiePie
Subscribers: 40 million People
Video Category: Playing video games and making jokes

2. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla

Yearly Earning – $8.5 Million
Channel: Smosh
Subscribers: 21 million People
Video Category: Live-action comedy sketches

3. Benny and Rafi Fine

Yearly Earning– $8.5 Million
Channel: Fine Brothers Entertainment
Subscribers: 13 million People
Video Category: Reacting to things

4. Lindsey Stirling

Yearly Earning – $6 Million
Channel: Lindsey Stirling
Subscribers: 7 million People
Video Category: Music- Playing the violin – really, really well

5. Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III

Yearly Earning – $4.5 Million
Channel: Rhett & Link
Subscribers: 3 million People
Video Category: Comedy sketches

6. Olajide Olatunji

Yearly Earning – $ 4.5 Million
Channel: KSI
Subscribers: 10 million People
Video Category: Dance- Hip-hop

7. Michelle Phan

Yearly Earning – $3 Million
Channel: Michelle Phan
Subscribers: 8 million People
Video Category: Makeup tutorials

8. Lilly Singh

Yearly Earning – $2.5 Million
Channel: Superwoman
Subscribers: 7 million People
Video Category: Comedy sketches

9. Roman Atwood

Yearly Earning – $2.5 Million
Channel: Roman Atwood Pranks
Subscribers: 7 million People
Video Category: Pranks

10. Rosanna Pansino

Yearly Earning – $2.5 Million
Channel: Rosanna Pansino
Subscribers: 5 million People
Video Category: Cupcake wizard

So these are world’s top YouTube popular and highest Earners. I hope this very interesting post will increase your knowledge and also motivate you in making money online. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with your friends on social media.

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