Hibiscus Plant Care

The Hibiscus plant is a perennial plant that produces beautiful flowers of different colors. It is basically a flowering plant. Hibiscus plant is also known as China rose in different countries. It is popularly known as Gudhal in India. There are different uses of the hibiscus plant. The most popular use is hibiscus tea. It … Read more

Snake Plant Varieties | Sansevieria Varieties

The snake plant (Sansevieria genus) is used as an ornamental plant in houses and offices. There are over 70+ snake plant varieties or Sansevieria varieties found on earth. Their amazing appearance and extraordinary benefits make them on the top of the houseplant list. These plants are hardy and generally have beautiful patterns on their leaves. … Read more

Is Sansevieria a Cactus?

It is commonly known as all cactus are succulents but all succulents are not cactus. But do you know Sansevieria is a succulent? Yes, Sansevieria genus plants are succulents. Is Sansevieria a Cactus? Sansevieria is not a Cactus. These are not cactus despite these plants are hardy and contain sap in their leaves like cactus … Read more

Is Sansevieria a Succulent?

Sansevieria is a name of a genus of flowering plants. Sansevieria have several species. Popularly these plants are known as snake plant, mother-in-law’s tongue, Saint George’s sword, viper’s bowstring hemp, etc. Most people often confused with sansevieria and ask is Sansevieria a succulent? Plants belonging to the Sansevieria genus are succulent. These plants have thick … Read more