Beware Torrent Downloaders- Google is Going to Take Actions

If you are the one who frequently downloads movies, files and other stuffs from torrent websites then beware. Google and other search engines is going to change their search algorithm. Due to this search algorithm, you are unable to search torrent files easily. This step has taken to reduce the piracy of movies, videos, books, and many more things.
There is loss of billions dollars every year due to online piracy of different things including movies, softwares, magazines and many more things. Since search engines are easy way to find pirated things or torrent files on internet. 
The search algorithm will lower the torrent results that are the house of pirated things. So, this way movie or torrent downloaders will find it difficult to search or find any torrent easily.
According to Intellectual Property Right, UK, many companies are combined together to take strict action regarding piracy.
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