6 Online Surveys That Pay Cash

There are plenty of online surveys where you can earn money by completing surveys. Earning money from the survey is not lucrative since there are only a handful of legitimate sites that pay actual cash.

If you want to earn from online surveys that pay cash instead of vouchers, then this article is for you.

Online surveys that pay cash

1. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys operates on a mobile app as well as on a website. You can sign up on Branded Surveys via Facebook and create a profile. You will have to provide some information about your interest so that the survey that is given to you is curated towards your interests.

Keep in mind that you will be giving your information to Branded Survey as well as companies backed by research market surveys.

The average earning per survey is $3 which is good considering the number of surveys you get on this site. You can easily make $10 which is the minimum payout amount.

2. Qmee

Qmee is an online survey that provides surveys based on your profile, age, location, and gender. This survey site rewards its users with cash.

By earning direct cash with surveys, you can keep up with the actual amount you have earned from completing surveys.

You can also use Qmee with their mobile app which is available on both android and iOS.

Qmee also has “hot surveys” that pay $0.70 to $2 which does not seem much but it is much higher than what other survey sites offer.

3. InBoxDollars

InBox dollars has given surveys, surfing websites, watching videos, and taking offers as its way for its users to earn cash.

The points you earn from the tasks available may vary a lot but one thing which is common about all tasks that inbox offers is that you can only redeem your points once you reach $30.

Unless you have a couple of hours up your sleeves to do surveys, you should look out for other online surveys.

4. LifePoints

LifePoints have surveys that can be done in 10 minutes but the cash you will be making with one survey may not even reach a dollar. So you have to constantly fill out surveys to reach the minimum payout threshold which is $20.

LifePoints also send you emails about surveys so you can do surveys at any time considering you have spare time in your hand.

5. MyPoints

MyPoints offers a $10 signup bonus for its new users. You can directly redeem points with gift cards and papal payment.

Take surveys to earn cash and if you do not feel like giving surveys, you can also take part in draws and do shopping on their site to earn extra rewards.

You have to spend $20 on their site only then you can redeem rewards for other purposes.

6. OneOpinion

With OneOpinion, you get 500 to 1000 points per survey. 1000 points are equivalent to $1 and you have to earn 25000 points or $25 to enable the redeeming option.

Everyone will appreciate an extra buck they earn from surveys. You won’t be able to turn your life around with surveys but it will surely help you with certain petty expenses.

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