RAM full form in Computer

The RAM full form in computer is Random Access Memory. It is a short term data storage used by the computer to run the programs. It is basically volatile memory i.e. it temporary stores files on which you are working on. It allows reading and writing operations on a computer. RAM is expensive than the ROM.

The information/data that is stored in the RAM temporarily, erased when you shut down or restarts your computer. It means that when there is no power to the computer or laptop, RAM’s data or information is cleared. RAM is also known by other names such as main memory or cache memory or temporary memory or volatile memory. 

RAM is very fast and consumes a lot of power. It allows both operations i.e. read data from the memory and write data into memory.

Types of RAM

There are basically two types of RAM i.e. DRAM and SRAM. DRAM stands for Dynamic random access memory and SRAM stands for Static random access memory.

Dynamic RAM further is of three types i.e. SDRAM, RDRAM, and DDR SDRAM.

SDRAM stands for Synchronous dynamic random access memory, RDRAM stands for Rambus dynamic random access memory, and DDR SDRAM stands for Double Data Rate Synchronous dynamic random access memory.

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