TeeSpring: Earn Money Online by Designing T-Shirt

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I have promised you to bring new and handsome way to earn money online. Today we would learn about a very new method that don’t need any investment of money. In previous posts I have written posts on how to make money using website, YouTube, etc.
I swear, you need not to have any blog, website or any kind of investment of money. Thus all you want is Creativity.
I am talking about TeeSpring. It is a website where you can Earn Money Online by Designing T-Shirt. Yes, all you have to have Creative mind.
Just Wait.
TeeSpring gives you easy dashboard where you can design T-shirts. It comes with all useful tools. Many of us wear T-shirts that have beautiful and different designs. Similarly, you have to design a tempting T-shirt that people love to wear. After designing you have to sell that T-shirt online. Once someone buy that T-shirt, you will earn handsome profit out of it. Many people are earning 5000$+ from this website every month.
You need not to care about printing and delivering of T-shirts. These tasks are done by the TeeSpring website. All you have to design a T-shirt.

How to make money online by designing T-shirt: TeeSpring

Step 1: Go to website TeeSpring. Here click on Start Designing as shown below.

Step 2: Now a new editor page will open where you can start designing T-shirt as shown below.

On the right side bar, you will see many editing tools. This is very much similar to Photoshop or paint application in a computer. You can change colour of the T-shirt. Also you can choose from Style & design options. You can add Text and drop pictures from the computer/laptop from left sidebar. Here I have desined a simple T-shirt for demo.

After designing T-shirt, click on Sell this button in green colour at bottom right corner. On the next page you have to set a goal. It means that “Your goal is the number of units you’re aiming to sell, but we’ll print your campaign as long as you sell enough to generate a profit.”

Just set 20-50 T-shirts. Now click on next button.

On next page you have to enter Campaign Title and Description. This helps in selling you T-shirt. Fill all the details.

After filling all the details, click on Launch button at the bottom. A popup will open. You have to login here. Just make a account using gmail or Facebook, etc.
Now your T-shirt is on sale. Once someone order your T-shirt, Teespring print that shirt and deliver to the address. You will earn profit out of it. You can withdraw your money using different payment options. 
Note: you can promote your T-shirt on Facebook. You can run Facebook advertisement also.
So this is very easy way to earn money online by designing T-shirts. If you like this article then don’t forget to share with your friends on social media.
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