Start Blogging and Make $1000 Passive Income per Month

This is a post for the people who have jobs and have free time after 9-5 hour job. This is the post for the students who have free time after their college and study. This is post for the people who are searching for their jobs and could not find up till now. This is the post for Engineering, medical, graduates, post graduates, etc who want to utilize their time efficiently along with jobs or work. 
In this post I am talking about the word “Blogging”. Blogging can monetize your free time and give you an extra edge along with your job salary if you are employee or student. It is also beneficial for the students too who want to earn money in their part time without affecting their studies.
What is a blog? what is blogging? what is a blogger? These are some question which are trending on internet these days. How can I earn money online? These are some words that are alien for some people and some people are aware of it.
In this post we will go in deeper to find out what these are and how they can made us REAL MONEY.
Yes, you read it correct. Real Money!
So lets Start….

What is blog?

In simple language Blog is a website or webpage that updates post regularly. For example any news website is a blog since it updates or post news regularly.

What is blogging?

The process or work of writing of posts on a blog is called as blogging.

What is Blogger?

The person who writes for a blog is known as blogger.
In think you get some idea about blogging.
Blogging is something you can think of a work of a journalist who collects information , then writes an article and publish in a newspaper. Take an example of newspaper. Consider the newspaper as a blog. You can see many news in the newspaper. Each news can be called as “post” in blogging. Since many writers writes the news,so they are called as ‘blogger’ in terms of blogging.
Now you are thinking of How to start a Blog?
Many people are now thinking there is no big problem in writing a blog. 
In the starting everyone start with the thinking that they will make a blog and start writing posts. This is very easy task to do. I can write 20-30 posts in a day. I just copy paste from different blog or websites and just start my blog. Its very easy.
Ya its true that starting a blog is very easy  BUT maintaining and running a blog is not that easy. Your copy paste does not work in a long run. Even if you start posting regularly then you will get demotivate when no one is reading your post. These are some other problems that will come when you start blogging. But if you read this post in detail you never find any hurdle in starting a blog.
When I started blogging I am like you who do not know about a word about blogging. But two years of experience I sharing the knowledge that I have learnt from it so you will never commit mistakes.
There are certain things you should know before you start a Blog.

1. Choose a Niche

Niche refers to a specific topic, subject or category. For example web sites and blogs which provide news belong to news niche. Some writes about technology related article like mobile, laptop tutorials,etc , so their category is technology niche. A blog that writes about education is following education niche. Bloggerstalent follow blogging and technology niche.
Now How to choose niches?
This is the most important part before writing anything on your blog. The best thing to decide your niche is to know your INTEREST.
Write down all the interest on a paper that you think you have a solid information in that particular subject. This is subject on which you can write as long as you want without getting bored. All the works you loved to do without getting tired. If you have any interest like this then this is the  topic on which you should start writing. 

2. Make a Difference

After choosing a niche , you should make your blog different from another blog which are following same niches. It means that your writing style, presentation, knowledge, opinion should be such that people love to read your posts and come back later to read again. This is in blogging terms called as “Returning Visitors”. The more your returning visitors are, more successful blog is.

3. Domain and Hosting

Domain name is your address to your blog. Like is a domain name. you Should register with .com,.org, etc. using Domain providers like godaddy, bigrock, Bluehost, etc.
Your domain name should be relevant to your content in the blog. For example bloggingalent, this blogs writes about how to blog, tools related with blogging. So people will know that bloggerstalent is a blog that talks about blogging.
Suppose you are writing a blog on health and register a domain name with So there is no connection between domain name and the content. People will be confuse with the name and this will not help to learn the name of the blog. is a name that is more relevant than
Hosting is the place where your blog recedes on internet. It is similar to your land on which your house situated. Many companies provide hosting like Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy,etc. You can link your domain name with your hosting and starts a blog.

4. Vs WordPress

These are the 2 most popular blogging platforms on the internet. Blogger give you an instant way to start blogging in 2 minutes. It give you a free domain name and hosting. You do not have to give single penny to start a blog. You do not have to buy domain and hosting for It is the product of Google. 
But there are many limitations in the blogger. Here wordpress takes an edge over blogger.
Wordpress is a similar platform like blogger that gives you more features that enable you to customize your blog as you want. For this you have to buy a hosting. After that you can install wordpress from cpanel given by your hosting provider.
In the starting I will suggest you to go with and after gaining some experiences you can move to wordpress platform.

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5. Be Patient

After setting your blog, you should start posting everyday. Write 20-30 unique and original post. It should not be plagiarized. It should not be copy paste from other blogs. Since it will degrade your ranking in search engines and there will be a tough situation when you want to earn money online specially from adsense.
You can read my post How to check Plagiarized content?

6. Monetize your blog with Adsense

Whether you start blogging for making money online or for passion, when you are getting good number of visitors to your blog; you should apply for Adsense. Adsense is an online ad network owned by google that monetizes your blog. You place ads on your blog and when visitor click on that ad you earn some money. There is no limit of earning online. You can earn from 10$ to 100000$+ per month sitting in your room. Many bloggers are earning lakhs of dollar from there blog.
The income totally depends on your number of your traffic i.e. how much people are reading your blog. A 2000-3000 pageviews can earn approximately 1-5$ per day by using adsense. There are many other ad network that also monetizes your site. But Adsense is the best one. Make sure getting approval for adsense is very tough. Writing original and plagiarized free content is top priority for adsense. Write atleast 1000+ words article in each post.
Please be patient from creating your blog to getting good amount of visitors. This is the most tough time where most of the bloggers fail. I will recommend you to start blogging as a hobby and do not think for money till you are getting good amount traffic. 
So this is the basic post for those who do not know about blogging and wants to make money online. It is the smart way to earn money but always note that you have to hard work to write good quality of posts. Giving 1 hour a day is sufficient is enough in the starting.
In the Last I would like to say that there are numerous way to earn real money online and blogging is one them. If you have any question regarding blogging, you can drop comments below.
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    • It depends on many things like SEO, number of posts written, post frequency. In average it takes 6 months to start getting organic traffic for properly optimised SEO Content. By promoting blog on social media, you can start that much of taffic within few weeks. But overall organic traffic is good.


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