How to Identify Fake Facebook Accounts

Most of the people are living in a online life. It is not wrong to say that we all are living in the fake world. Fake Facebook accounts is proving out to be a new trend on Facebook. You may believe or not about 15-20% of Facebook accounts are fake. Fake accounts on Facebook are mainly created with an intention to spam all over Facebook and spread Virus. Many people create Fake Girl’s profiles to cheat some innocent Facebook users. The interesting thing is that among those fake accounts 90% of the accounts are created on girls profile. Making fake Facebook account had become a new trend to disturb other or to play with others.
Its really sad that Facebook can’t identify fake Facebook account. Facebook do this task manually. They will definitely block your account if you send lots of friend requests to unknown people. If you post or comment spammy links over and over again Facebook will block you from using their services. These activities can made Facebook to catch you. When you try to login again, it asks you to identify photos of friends. This is the way where fake Account users Get Caught.
But this don’t stop spammers to create another fake Facebook account, So in this article we will see tips that will help you to identify fake Facebook account easily and how to be safe from those spammers entering in to your account.

1. Profile

Facebook profile is an important identify of the person to whom you are interacting with. Most of the fake users have incomplete profile,unmatched address or incorrect data in specified profile. For example; someone has written in its profile only place where he/she belongs and nothing else. So by seeing someone profile you get some information regarding fake Facebook account.

2. Profile Picture

Facebook profile photos and cover photos speaks a lot then their profile information. This is where you can easily identify face Facebook account with the following. You can easily predict from user profile picture. Most of the fake accounts are having celebrity photos,dirty photos, animals photos, baby photos,etc. So there is nothing match with their profile and albums.

3. Check Birthday

Most of the fake accounts won’t show real date of birth and more often they follow numerical power with fixed numbers or round figures like Jan 1st, Dec 24th or Jun 29th
Another thing is that if you find any friend request from female, firstly go to their profile and check her birthday. If you find date and year then it is 75% fake account. It is the fact that girls rare display their date of birth and most of them doesn’t show their birth year.

4. Check Facebook User Name

Most of the original Facebook account will be linked up with their Email id. You can easily identify their account by checking their Email specified name with the given user name and if you find any difference in their name then you can put them in these categories. But note that there may be some original accounts with difference in name. So you have to use intelligence to sort between them. 

5. Observe Activity

Fake Facebook accounts have irrelevant activities like posting unusual status update, and unusual commenting on others photos and posts.

6. Difference in Name and Gender

There are some account whose name and gender does not match up. For example, profile shows girl name and displays as male.

7. Check Mutual Friends

Fake accounts do not have any known friend. It may be the clue of fake accounts. Another thing is that look at their friends list and identify if they are of same location.Since most of the friends are from same location and if you don’t find their friends location related, simply unfriend these account.
Check their friends list location and his/her location.
Hope you know about identifying fake facebook accounts and will let you take strict action to these accounts if anyone is your friend.
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