How to Create Sitemap for Blogger blog and Submit to Google Webmaster Tool?

Creating sitemap is very important for letting search engines that you have posted online. If you are new blogger then it is very important part to learn. This is the part of SEO which display your website in the Google search results and hence drive traffic to your blog.
First thing is to know What is a Sitemap? if you don’t know, I will explain you in few words.
Sitemap is actually a map of your website.
What does it means?
It is either an XML or HTML file that contains all the URLs of the webpages inside your blog or website. Basically sitemap helps your visitors or search engines to navigate through your blog or website.
The thing is that you can show your website on google results for free. You don’t have to pay single penny to get listed in google results. To list all your links, you have to login to your Google Search Console. It is free tool that google provides. You have to just submit your sitemap and it will crawl or index your blog pages, posts,etc.
When you submit an XML sitemap to Google Search console, it helps google search engine crawlers to find all the URLs on your blog or website and add it to their google database.
Creating and submitting sitemap is very simple and easy process. Even non technical blogger can do it very easily. Follow the following steps to do the above task easily.
Step 1: Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools account
Step 2: Next click on the blog title for which you want to add sitemap.
Step 3: Click on Sitemaps button as shown below.Now press Add/Test sitemap button as shown below
Step 4: Once you click the button, a popup box will appear as shown in the screenshot below.
Step 5: Now add the following code in the text field.
Step 6: After entering the code,press submit sitemap and refresh the page.
It is noted that the above code for sitemap will work for 500 posts only. Suppose if you have more than 500 posts published in your blogger blog, then you have to add one more sitemap. The whole method will be same but at this time you have to add this code as shown below

So this is the tutorial on how to create sitemap for blogger blog. After creating your sitemap for blogger blog, you have to submit in google webmaster tool to index all your website urls.
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