Difference Between RuPay Card And Visa Debit Card

Difference Between RuPay Card And Visa Debit Card
Difference Between RuPay Card And Visa Debit Card
The use of Different cash Cards like Rupay Card, Debit Card, Credit Card, etc. has increased in past few years. The importance of these cards has increased due to they’re easy to use and are convenient to handle. You need not carry cash in order to pay someone. You just need to swipe your card and payment will be transferred to the person. You can do online shopping and pay bills while sitting in your home or office.
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Indian government launched a Cash Card “RuPay Card” under the company National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). It has similar features as normal Debit Card have. Many people are unaware of the basic difference between these two cards. We will also see how to apply for RuPay Card.

Difference Between RuPay Card And Visa Debit Card

The very first difference is that RuPay is India’s own domestic card with its own payment gateway.
RuPay is an approved card payment network just like VISA and MasterCard. Whereas VISA and MasterCard are international payment gateway.

Since. RuPay Card is a domestic product. Hence it has less transaction costs compared to visa debit card.

RuPay cards are accepted only in National (India only) level transactions. It cannot be used for international transaction like as we can do with visa debit cards.

The transactions with RuPay card are much faster since it happen in India as compared to visa debit cards take more time as processing is done at an international level.

The banks do not need to pay a quarterly fee or entry fee in order to join this RuPay network. However with visa debit cards banks need to pay quarterly fees to join network.

RuPay cards offer only debit card with online transaction. On the other hand, Visa offers both debit and credit cards.

RuPay cards offer more safety as compared to VISA debit Cards as the transaction data would be limited to only India. This prevents customer Card details and information from going to other countries because VISA cards share customer Card information through international payment gateway.

How to Apply for RuPay Card?

If you already have a debit Card then you can simply exchange this card with RuPay card. In case you don’t have a debit card then you can apply at the bank.

You need to open the account where you need to collect the application form from the bank. Please specify clearly to the bank officer that you need to the avail the RuPay card facility. Fill all the information needed in the form. After that submit your identity proof or address proof. After submission of application, RuPay card will be sent by mail to your address within 10-20 days.

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