Conophytum calculus Care

Conophytum calculus is a succulent plant that resembles a small rounded ball or stone. It is basically native to South Africa. It does not have stems. It multiplies in number as this succulent grows old. It forms a cluster of multiple rounded shapes succulent. It has slow growth.

This succulent plant belongs to the Aizoaceae family. This round shaped succulent grows up to 3 cm in diameter. Its body is smooth like an egg or tomato. The body colour of Conophytum calculus varies from chalky green to yellowish-green.

The flower of this succulent plant looks beautiful. The flowers appear in fall and generally have colour, maybe dark orange or golden yellow. The flower stem comes out from the centre-top of the succulent plant.

Conophytum calculus requires only 1-3 hour of bright light in a day. It does not mean that you put this succulent plant under the sun. It may cause sunburn and damage the plant. It is advised to place this succulent at a place where 1-3 hours of sun’s bright light showers on the plant.

This succulent plant requires a very less amount of water to sustain. Watering once every 1-2 weeks is sufficient. Excess watering may cause root rot and hence damage the plant.

It thrives on porous soil with excellent water drainage properties. The succulent soil mixture is readily available online as well as in offline stores. Also, one can make its own mixture.

This plant requires very little fertilizer for growth. Well, you can fertilize this plant when repotting. Reporting can be done once every two years.

Conophytum calculus can be easily propagated by using a division method. It can also be grown by using seeds.

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