10 Tips to Save Internet Data in Android Mobile Phones

10 Tips to Save Internet Data in Android Mobile Phones

Are you using mobile internet and your internet data reduces very fast.

You want tips and things that will reduce data consumption in mobile. You can use your data pack for long time by doing some simple things.

So, In this post I will tell you How can you save mobile internet data in android smartphone and other phones and use it for long time.

Mostly smartphone user use limited data plans on their smartphones. Also cost of data is much. Most of us have to live in fear of exceeding our monthly smartphone data allowance. Many will tell you to install android apps that will reduce your data consumption and boost your internet for long time. But in this post I will suggest any internet saving apps. I will tell you simple steps without using apps.

Here are 10 simple tips to use less mobile data on android mobile, you’ll never have to worry again. 

You can check them below.

1. Off Auto Updates Apps:

If you have signed-in with your google account in your android phone and your internet is enabled then it will automatically start updating apps installed in your phone. Due to this your internet data starts consuming and also if you are browsing then its speed also reduces.

For this go to your mobile setting and open google play store in the app setting. Here you find a option “Do not auto-update apps” or . Click on this option. If your using unlimited occasionally then you can also select “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only”.

2. Off Whatsapp Auto Download Media Feature:

Most of the smartphone users are using whatsapp. Whatsapp has a auto download media feature. This enables the automatically download of images, voice, videos when connected to internet. This also reduces your internet pack. To stop auto download feature go to whatsapp >> settings >> data usage. Here you will find auto download feature for Photos, Audio, Videos, Documents. Select No media for When using mobile data.

3. Set up Manual Mail Sync:

When you sign-inwith your google account then many google services like Google drive, Gmail, Google Contact, Google file data, Google play books, app data, Calendar, Google play magazine, Google+, Google photos get enabled. With this app start automatically sync when connected to internet. For this the apps you are not using, off their sync.

For this go to mobile settings >> accounts. Click on email account. Now you will all the google apps. Switch off sync of the apps you don’t use.

4. Off Facebook & Twitter Auto Play Feature:

If you are using any social site app like twitter and facebook,etc. Go to their setting and disable the videos auto play feature. This will reduce your data optimally.

5. Use Offline Google Map:

If you are using google maps frequently then google maps takes data. For this you can save 130,000 sq km area in the google maps and use it afterwards without internet. This will not save your data pack only it also save your battery.

6. Use Opera Browser or Opera Max App or UC Browser:

Most of the smartphone user use chrome for browsing internet. But I will suggest you to install Opera browser or Opera max App or UC Browser.These browser have data saving feature that will help you save data.

These browser app are available on android, iOS, iPad, Windows,iPhone.

7. Enable Mobile Saving Feature and Set Limit:

Every phone has mobile saving feature. Using this you can set data limit. For this go to phone settings >> more option. You will see mobile usage option. Here Set your monthly, weekly or daily mobile internet data limit.

8. Turn off Wi-Fi Assist Feature:

If you are using Iphone then iOS 9 has WIFI Assist feature. It already by default activate. When your WiFi signals are low then it enables the mobile cellular data. To save internet data disable this feature.

To disable this feature go to phone settings >> cellular option. Stop Wi-Fi assist option.

9. Active Data Compression Feature:

Many browser has data compression feature In this you can compress image and video. With this you can save a lot of data. UC browser has data compression feature. Go to UC browser setting and here you can select image quality. Here you will find 3 option: Low, Medium and High. By selecting medium option you save upto 50% data.

10. Use Android Marashmallow:

Latest android operating system come by standby app. This stops that apps by using the data that you ocassionly use. It also show application data usage push notification. This feature comes with preactivation in android M device.

I hope you like these tips for saving data in smartphones. If you have any tips regarding this please drop your comments below.

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