Top 10 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools To Check Duplicate Content

Plagiarism is an act of stealing or copying one’s matter in the form of articles, essays, etc. and paste them into your own papers or websites without crediting the source.
Plagiarism is not limited to articles only but copying or showing copyright images,  music,videos, etc. is a part of plagiarism.
It becomes the major problem in the blogging world as well as in academics. It reduces the value of hard work of a writer and reduces the traffic of a website which is affected by plagiarism.
Most of the people who have blogs wants to earn money in the shortest possible way without making any effort. So they copy others content to get more traffic to their websites.
Those who copy one’s copyrighted material don’t know that Google is smarter than them; it can catch plagiarize material very easily. Google penalizes the website which contain plagiarized material or even the original material which is copied by other people from your blog. So beware of such acts.
Don’t worry! Every problem has a solution.To check this plagiarism problem, one can take help of online plagiarism checking websites. These websites are legit and spam free. You can trust on these websites blindly. These websites give accurate results. Services provided by some these websites are free and other charges some amount to take benefit from these websites.
So, before you write or publish content on the blog, please check the originality of your written material and also see who is stealing your work?
So following is the list of plagiarism checking websites:
1. SmallSEOTools

It is one of the best website to check plagiarism. It is free of cost to this website. You can use this site unlimited times without paying a penny. It gives very accurate results. It checks 1000 words article at a time. You have to put your text in the box and press check plagiarism button. Once pressing, it will checks all your copied content with reference links with red colour. You can click on these links to check where you have copied the text. It gives results in terms of percentage of plagiarized content. If your content is unique then it gives 100% marks. This website is best for bloggers who writes articles for their website. It also have wordpress plugin. So you can check plagiarism while publishing your content within the dashboard. If you want additional features you can buy their pro account.
2. Grammarly Online Plagiarism Checker
This is also one of the best online Plagiarism checker tool you can use. Grammarly is nowadays very popular website having multi-feature tool for webmasters,professionals and students to check the originality of the content. Along with this you can check Grammar of your text, you can also check the spelling mistakes of the article. If you want to use multi tools such check grammar along with plagiarism then I would recommend to use this website. If you want additional features you can buy pro version.
7. Plagium
This is another website to quickly find if your content is original or duplicate. For this you can paste the content text on the homepage and click on Quick search button, and within few seconds you will have the results with you. You can search over web or news. You can use their advance options to get very accurate results.
9. DocCop
10. Copyscape

It is one of the oldest and popular plagiarism checker website. For using this website you have to add the post or article URL in the box to check duplicate or plagiarized content. It is fast and cheap to check one’s content after publishing contents.
Well, I’ve just shorten down my list to best 10 websites to check duplicate content. There are many more websites present on the internet to check plagiarism. I hope this post will help you in checking duplicate content and produce unique content over the internet. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with your friends.

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