Best English Vocabulary Improving Android Apps

Best English Vocabulary Improving Android Apps
I know many of us have a weak vocabulary. Being proficient in Basic English writing and speaking skills is not enough in the modern world. Everyday, we encounter hundreds of new English words, but if we don’t use them regularly, they eventually get moved to the very backs of our minds.
You have to keep on building your vocabulary with time. A good English vocabulary range will certainly impress your colleges, employees, boss and put you ahead of the crowd in a social setting.
With the advancement in technology now you can improve your vocabulary with an Android apps. Using this you can build your vocabulary on a daily basis. You have not to open dictionary again and again to see words meaning. Here I have compiled best English vocabulary improving apps for Android.


1. Busuu



Busuu gives you an access to a big community of English native learners and speakers. In this app you can practice and improve upon your english vocabulary through audio-visual materials. If you have any problem with a word or phrase, you can ask to native English speakers for help.

2. Words, words, words


3. Advanced English & Thesaurus


4. Test Your English Vocabulary


5. PowerVocab: Vocab Word Game


6. uVocab – Vocabulary Trainer


7. Vocabulary Builder

8. SAT Vocabulary


9. Miss Spell’s Class


10. Flashcards


How to improve your Vocabulary


1. Make a habit of Reading. You can start reading newspaper daily. Choose articles which you liked and point out words that you don’t know. Check out that using above apps or dictionary.
2. Keep a dictionary and thesaurus with you if possible. It is good to have smartphone having dictionary but physical book has own importance. It does not affect your mind since long time phone use affects your eyes and brain.
3. Learn one word per day. Yes you can start learning only one word per day. Use that word in different sentences. You it daily life and talk to the people.
4. Use word root to learn new words. It is very good method to learn a large of words by knowing their origination.
5. Play some word games. The above mentioned apps helps you in learning new words in very short time.
6. Engage in conversations with your friends, family members, teachers, etc. The more you talk more you learn.


There is no shortcut to have good vocabulary in a day. It is a slow learning process. You can start with one word per day and increase to 5-6 words per day steadily. With the above apps, you can make the vocabulary journey a little bit easier and tons more interesting. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with your friends.
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