Adbuff Review: Best Adsense Alternative CPM/CPC Ad Network

Adbuff review-
Every blogger wants to earn money through Adsense but getting adsense approval is not as easy. You should follow adsense terms and conditions to get adsense approval. Even a small mistake can lead to disapproval of your blog. Sometimes a invalid click activity may ban your adsense account and your hard money get away. But in past few 1 year many new ad network come up having good ads and providing high CPC/CPM compared to Adsense. Adbuff ad network is one of them.

Adbuff Review

Well I come to know about this network in November 2016. So I applied for approval. First of all take a look how adbuff works and talk about its features.
They have Real-Time Dashboards. It means that you will get every detailed impressions, revenue details in real time. An instant access to the ad codes statistics will give to take decisions to increase your revenue.
They have 100% Fill Rate according to their website. Since they have large number of advertisers from different countries. They are connected with large number of ad exchange networks like google doubclick, crieto, pulsepoint, AOL, etc. So that publishers can earn a lot of money.
They assigned personal Account managers with each publishers. These managers help you in setting up your ad codes, how to maximize earnings. They review their ad performance and suggests publishers where they can optimize.
Yes the most important thing is that they have Strong CPM/CPC rates.They share 90% of advertiser revenue directly with their publishers. The average CPC that I get is 0.05-0.2$. It is very good rates comparable to adsense. And this make adbuff a really good adsense alternative network.
Adbuff provides different ad formats like 160×600, 300×250, 728×90, 300×600. Adbuff provide clean ads as you have seen for adsense. Ads are rated for general audience. Ads will be visible according to the site niches.
They have many Payment options for publishers to withdraw their payment. Well they have large payout as PayPal ($100 minimum), Payoneer ($100 minimum) and Wire Transfer ($500 minimum). So it is difficult for small publishers to reach this payout. You can ask for payout once reached minimum threshold value.
You can see my dashboard and earnings from Adbuff.
Adbuff Earnings –
You will receive $25 Sign-Up Bonus after running adbuff ad code for 60 consecutive days on the website.
They also have referral program that allows publishers earn 5% revenue share of any website you refer to Adbuff ad network.

Important Note:

They accept publishers who have an English site with traffic primarily from tier-1 counties like USA, Canada, Australia and UK. They are very strict in these. If however you are approved for your site that does not draw above mentioned traffic then they will disapprove your site anytime. You will loose all your earnings. Although you can apply with other website driving such kind of traffic. You need to have at least 2000 page views per day traffic for getting approval.
Well, it is a very good Adsense alternative ad network compared to Adsoptimal ad network. You can check Adsoptimal review here.
Overall it is very ad network for small, medium and large traffic website. I highly recommend you to use Adbuff ad network. It is a legit network.
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