Why should you be hired for this role?

You might have come across the question “why should you be hired for this role?” while applying for an internship or job. This is the first question asked by the employer. It doesn’t matter what kind of job or internship it is.

Similar questions like “why should I hire you or why should you be hired for this internship?” may also be asked when you are applying for a job or an internship.

So before we go in-depth on how to answer such a question, let us first see why the recruiter or the employer asks for such a question.

Asking this question, the recruiter gets the first impression about you. They want to know why you are so important to their organization. Whether your skills or interests are matching with the job/internship requirement. This answer decides whether your employer should read your application/resume or not. The recruiter hardly takes 7 seconds to shortlist the candidate after reading your answer to ‘why you should be hired for this role’. It is necessary to write a brief and powerful answer so that your chances for selection gets high.

Points to remember while writing answer

Remember the following points while writing your answer:

1. Write a short answer

Recruiters prefer reading short paragraphs! Yes, it is true. They have less time for shortlisting the candidates. They don’t have time to read your lengthy answer consisting of more than 2/3 paragraphs. So keep it as short as possible.

2. Your opening sentence should be impressive

Begin with a powerful sentence. It will create an interest in the employer to read your answer further. You can start with the reason why you are applying for this job/internship.

3. Don’t add unnecessary information

For example, My name is Suraj. I belong to Mumbai. I am pursuing engineering in the mechanical branch. My CPI is 8.75. Don’t write this stuff in your answer. Keep this information separately in your resume or CV.

4. Describe your previous similar internships/jobs (if any)

You can write about your previous internships/jobs, you had done in the past. Clearly state about the skills you have learnt there and how you can apply these skills to your new assignment and contribute to the organization or company you are applying for.

5. No salutation and no complementary close

Please do not begin your answer with any kind of salutation, such as Hello sir/madam/Dear sir/Hi/Respected sir, etc. Similarly don’t end your answer with a complimentary close, such as yours truly or thank you or yours sincerely or yours obediently, etc.

6. Don’t Beg

Don’t write such sentences as directly attack your pride, integrity, and self-respect. Avoid the use of sentences like I am poor, I want money, I can do anything for money, I want to provide financial support to my family, etc. These expressions not only present you as a feeble and hopeless candidate but also weaken your zeal and enthusiasm for a new organization.

7. Don’t write generic answer

Don’t write general answer which can be fit for every question. Write unique answer tailored specially for the required internship/job.

8. Don’t use SMS language

Write answer in the formal tone. Don’t write answer like we do normally in sending SMS or text messages.

9. Write Correct grammatical sentences

Write error free sentences. Please review the answer before submitting the answer.

10. Don’t copy the answer from the internet

Write your unique answer according to the job description. Don’t copy answers from the internet.

Bad Answer Examples


I am interested in internship and will get great opportunities. I will give my best and provide creative ideas that will be helpful for you. Thank you.


Hello sir. I don’t have any past experience. I am excited about this internship because I want to experience how it works.


For work experience & improve my skills.


I love to work in this field and I am having a relevant experience on this field.


I think I can meet the expectations and implement my skills and knowledge for achievement.


I’m 3rd-year B.Tech. EE study from TTY university Staring from 2nd year. I am eager 2 work with u. Hire me and see the difference. Thank you.


I am a quick learn to the company. I already worked in this job role, so you don’t have to spend many resources on me.


I am pretty confident that I can do this work according to your expectations within the time limits.


I would like to go for this internship as I believe I have a good knowledge of the basics of mathematics subject. Along with this, I have a semester break also; so I would love to earn some money.

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