How to Unblock Yourself from Someone’s WhatsApp Account

Unblock Yourself from Someone WhatsApp Account
How to Unblock Yourself from Someone’s WhatsApp Account

Has somebody blocked you on WhatsApp? and you are unable to send messages to them. 
You want to unblock yourself from WattsApp friends list that blocked you. Don’t worry. In this post I am sharing an awesome trick that will help you unblock from WattsApp. This trick is 100% working.
Firstly, How will you know that someone blocked you?
1. If you are not able to see friend photo, last seen and status for very long time then there may be chance that you are blocked.
2. Second sign is that if you have sent some message to that friend and it only shows one tick. It means that it has not been delivered or read by that friend. If you see only one tick for very long time then you are blocked by that person.
Sometimes we send something that cause your friend to block you. You can not clear misunderstanding with your friends,since you are not able to send them message again. If you want to unblock yourself without letting your friend know , then read this post completely till end.

Steps to Unblock Yourself from Someone’s WhatsApp Account

Step 1: Firstly, Open your WattsApp App in your mobile.
Step 2: Now go to Settings. After that Tap on Account option.
Step 3: Now Click on Delete my account tab. Enter your Mobile Number and Tap on Delete My Account button. 
Step 4: After deleting your WattsApp account, go to Mobile Settings and Uninstall WattsApp from your phone.
Step 5: After uninstalling WattsApp, restart your phone. Install WattsApp App from google playstore.
Step 6: Create new WattsApp account with your same number. While creating your account, you will ask to install backup chats,etc. Skip this backup option. If you click on backup then you will not be able to unblock yourself from someone’s WattsApp account.
Step 7: After creating your account, now you are unblocked from all your friend list.
Now you can message them and clear misunderstanding. So this useful guide is helpful for all WattsApp Users whether they lived in India or any other part of the World. If you like this guide then don’t forget to share with your friends on social media.
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