Ultimate Guide to Google Adsense Approval

Ultimate Guide to Adsense Approval
Hi guys! In this post I am going to give you an ultimate guide to AdSense approval. This post is going to be life saver for those who are going to submit their blog or website for AdSense approval. It is also going to be beneficial who are planning to earn money from AdSense. This post is going to be very lengthy. So keep your breath hold since it is very helpful in getting AdSense approval very easily. It is my 4 years experience that I am going to share with tips on getting AdSense approval easily.
Before we proceed further, you should know about AdSense.
AdSense is an online advertising network that is owned by Google. It lets you earn money by placing ads on your blog or website. This service is totally free of cost. You do not have to pay single Penny to Google. AdSense is one of the best and trusted advertising network on the Internet. But due to a lot of terms and conditions it is very tough to get AdSense approval.
New blogger apply for AdSense without reading its complete terms and conditions. Here where most of the people fails from getting approval. There are other many factors that decide fro getting AdSense approval. I am going to discuss each and every factor that are important for AdSense. Some factors are not given in AdSense but that tips also I will share that made me getting approval very fast in 21 days.
There is nothing like rocket science in AdSense that you do not understand. Just read this post till end and you will get all your answers in just 10 minutes. After reading this post, you need not to search for how to get AdSense approval fast or similar kind of questions in Google.
Its become a myth that getting AdSense approval is very tough. But reality is that if you follow their terms and conditions plus tips that I am going to share here, will get your AdSense account approval very fast.

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I started my blogging in the year 2012. I always fond of making website since class 10th. I designed my first website using coding. During this period I came across blogger and WordPress. Also I came to know that we can also earn money using AdSense. I made my blog using blogger. I post many articles on this blog. After 1-2 months I applied for AdSense. But unfortunately my blog got rejected by them. Its a destruction. What happened?
This question was buzzing in my mind. I just thought why they rejected my blog while my traffic is good. After 1 week later, I again applied for AdSense. But this time also they rejected my application. This just demotivated me. Also there is certain kind of frustration that grow inside me.
Then I started googling out how to get AdSense approval. I get thousands of results. When I read articles regarding this, I was completely shocked. There were many things that I was not following. There are many factors like blog design, some important pages like privacy policy,etc., unique content and more. These are things that I have not implemented on my blog.

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But after applying tips on my blog, I again applied for AdSense. This time is I was lucky. My blog is approved. Hurray.
There are some points you must consider before applying for AdSense.
The following are the Common Adsense Rejection Reasons:

1. Have Sufficient Contents or Posts

This is most important factor behind adsense rejection. If your blog does not have sufficient content in each post, then your blog will not be approved. Your blog should have more than 500+ words article each. There should be atleast 20 good quality articles before applying for adsense. I have read on some blog that there should be some post with 2000+ words. But according to me its not the requirement.
Another thing is that your blog should be free from grammatical mistakes. Google loves the blog which have unique and error free content.

2.  Write High-Quality Contents

Do not copy paste copyrighted content on your blog. Many of us copied from some blog and paste it one of the post. This is completely wrong and comes under plagiarism. Google is strictly against it. Write articles in your words without copy paste. Google AdSense doesn’t approve blogs with copy pasted copyright content. 

3. Blog Domain Must Old At least 6 Months

If you are from India or China then you should apply for your blog when domain must atleast 6 months old. This is clearly mention in Adsense conditions. But nowadays I have seen many blogger get their account approved within month. But make a try after doing all the formalities for a blog. Since there is no risk in this. If you are lucky, you could get your adsense approval within month.
Note: If your domain is more than 6 month old and you started blogging few days ago then chances of getting approval is high subjected that you should follow their conditions. Because domain age is 6 months old.

4. Apply Using Root Domain

If you want your adsense approval fast then apply by your myname@website.com email address.
that means that Apply Using Root Domain email address for adsense. The chances are increases because it gives a good impression to Google employees.
Note: You can also apply using any gmail e-mail service.

5. Page Type / Design of your blog

Check your blog design whether it is attracting or not. Blog should be easy to use and should away from lot of popup and popunders. Blog should have easy to visit navigation bar. So make your blog design simple and attracting.

6.  Privacy Policy, About Us or Contact Us page

Blog or website must have these pages. It is must pages for getting approval from Google Adsense. These pages give the impression that you are a professional and that you are working according to the Google terms & conditions. So you should make Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us page for your blog before applying to Adsense.

7. Don’t Have Adsense Prohibited Content

According to Google Adsense, sites with violent contents, adult contents, copyrighted contents, weapons related contents, drug alcohol-related contents, hacking cracking contents, and other illegal contents will not be approved.
Note: Number of visitors per day is not a requirement for Adsense. If you have only 1 visitor even  then Adsense can be approved. But after adsense approval you need traffic to earn good money. So its better to apply when there is atleast 1000 pageviews per day.

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If you follow the above 7 tips then no body can stop you from getting approval from Google Adsense. I hope this Ultimate Guide to Adsense Approval will help you. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with others on social media.
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    • Hello utkarsh. There is no problem if you are using adsense account on another blog which you have made with different id. You can add adsense ads on this blog. Make sure that this blog must follow the terms & condition of adsense.


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