How to Trace Facebook and WattsApp Users Location Easily

Trace Facebook and WattsApp Users Location
How to Trace Facebook and WattsApp Users Location Easily
Social media is a platform where we can find friends and chat. Facebook is one of the best social networking website on the Internet. We make many friends on Facebook. We know much about some friends and some are unknown to us. Although we are in there friend list.
There are some friends we don’t know much about them. They may be fake user. Sometimes we receive chat message from them. So in this post I am gonna tell you how to trace the location of Facebook and WattsApp users easily.
There is nothing wrong if you want to know more about an individual on Facebook. It is not a crime to trace one location, it is legal as finding out the person’s details along with the location will help you protect yourself.
By finding location of your Facebook friends, will help you to identify who is who and whether she/he is saying is the truth about their profile or not. So go through the following steps to trace the location.

Through Facebook and WattsApp Chat

Step 1: Firstly, close all the Applications and programs in your computer or laptop. Now open your Facebook or WattsApp in your browser. Open chat with the person whom you want to trace the location.
Step 2: Press windows+R button in the keyboard and search CMD in search bar and press enters.
Step 3: After that a black window will open. Now type this netstat -a -n -o in the window and press enter.

Step 4: The above step will list all the IP address which are currently being used on the computer. It must contain the person’s IP, whom you are chatting with on Facebook or WattsApp. Note this IP address.
Step 5: Now visit and search the above IP address. This will show exact location of that person.
If somebody is molesting you or if you want to trace location of some friend on Facebook or WattsApp then above trick will help you. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with your friends on social media.
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