Top 15 Keyboard Shortcuts that Make your Work Fast

Top 15 Keyboard Shortcuts that Make your Work Fast
Top 15 Keyboard Shortcuts that Make your Work Fast

Computer made our life easy and comfortable. Its been more than 70 years since first digital computer is invented. Since then many advancement takes place in computer.
Everyday we work on computer for sometime. We have to use keyboard for typing things. In this post I am going to share some important and very useful keyboard shortcuts that every computer user should know. That shortcuts will make our work fast and save time.
The knowledge of these shortcuts has increased in this competitive world. This makes you smart and fast as compared to others. It is easy to remember these shortcuts.
Top 15 Keyboard Shortcuts

Top 15 Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Ctrl+Shift+T
Using this command you can re-open your file that you closed them accidentally. For example you are running chrome browser. If you accidentally close all your tabs then just press above command from keyboard. This will re-open all your previous running windows or tabs.
2. File+F2
Using this command you can rename a file without right clicking on this. Just select that file and press File+F2 command from keyboard. File button is present between AltGr and Ctrl buttons. You can directly rename a file using this command.
3. Ctrl+T
Using this command you can easily open a new tab in any browser. Just press Ctrl+T on keyboard, it will open new tabs. It works in all browser like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, edge, etc.
4. Ctrl+Left or Right
Using this shortcut you select one word easily in a file. Suppose you are typing in MS word and any how word is wrongly written. Then just press Ctrl+Left or Right to select the whole word. Just try it now.
5. Ctrl+Up or Down
Using Ctrl+Up shortcut, you can reach top first line of the file and Using Ctrl+Down shortcut, you will reach bottom line of the file.
6. Shift+Home
You can select whole line in a file using this shortcut. If you have to select single line then you can use this keyboard shortcut.
7. Ctrl+Shift+Left or Right
This shortcut help you in copying word in a file. Use Ctrl+Shift+Left key button to copy word in left side. Use Ctrl+Shift+Right shortcut to copy word in right side.
8. Windows+M
This shortcut will minimize your window in just second. In normal you have to press on minus icon(-) of the window in order to minimize. But this makes you fast.
9. Ctrl+Backspace
Using this shortcut, we can delete one word at a time in a browser or any file. Try it now.
10. Windows+L
Using this shortcut, you can easily lock your computer like you have screen lock in your mobile phones. This is helpful in case you have to hide something from someone since you don’t have time to close the computer.
11. Windows+Tab
Using this shortcut, all the programs will open on the same screen which are currently open in your computer.
12. Windows+Print Screen
I love this shortcut. By this shortcut you can easily capture screenshot of your computer screen. It is saved to its clipboard. When you paste somewhere it gives you screenshot.

13. Ctrl+Shift+Esc
This shortcut will open Task manager in your computer. In case any program is not closing then by opening task manager you can easily close it.
14. CtrL+Plus or Minus
Using CtrL+Plus shortcut you can Zoom in in the screen and using CtrL+Minus shortcut you can Zoom out the screen.
15. CtrL+0
By this shortcut you can make screen to normal after Zoom in or Zoom out. It will make screen to default size.
I hope this keyboard shortcuts is helpful for you. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with your friends on social media.
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