Theonenetworks Ad Network Review- Scam or Legit

In this post I am going to review theonenetworks ad network. 

Theonenetworks ad network is located in India since 2015. It provides native ads, popup ads, affiliate network, outdoor advertising and link shortner network. It provides multiple payment solution like paypal, paytm,etc.
We will see whether this network is legit or scam.
I started with Theonenetworks in November 2015. Starting was good. I placed banner ads on my blog. I earned good amount on first few days. Once I reached 20$ threshold, I request payout through paytm. I think this is a good thing that you are in India and you are receiving money through paytm. This is the advantage that this network is giving to the publishers. But I don’t get my payment on time. I got my payment after 2 months of request. Secondly I reach 20$ again after 1 month and again receive my payment through paytm very late. Up-till now I used their network for 4.5 months. But for 3rd payment, I have not received untill now i.e. December 2016. You always get late payment or even you do not get payment as me. Their support is poor. You would not get any kind of reply from them. I have called them multiple times regarding payment but no one attends the call. Plus their email support is poor. I hardly got their reply from them after sending 30+ emails.

You can see my payments

Theonenetworks seams to provide very good services but reality is that I struggle with this ad network and waste my website traffic with this network.
Really, I will not suggest you to join this network.

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