Snake Plant Light Requirements – You Must Know

The snake plant is one of my loved plants due to its less maintenance. It does not require strict care as we see in other succulents.

Light and water required by all the plants. Similarly, light and water requirement is present for snake plant.

The snake plant light requirements is ideally bright indirect sunlight. It does not require direct sunlight. The plant may damage if placed under the full or partial sun for a long time.

There are a lot of questions asked on the internet regarding light requirements for snake plant. I have tried to cover such questions with my past experience and knowledge. So let’s get started.

Snake plant near window

Do snake plants need light?

Yes, snake plants need light. But this plant requires only bright indirect light to grow and to prepare food.

Now the question arises, does a snake plant need a lot of light?

No, not at all. Snake plant need only 4-5 hours of bright indirect light to thrive.

Light requirement for snake plant

The snake plant does not need direct sunlight to grow. It can grow well in indirect sunlight.

The fall of direct sunlight on the snake plant can burns its leaves.

The best way to place the snake plant is at the place where direct sunlight does not come.

What light does a snake plant need?

The snake plant needs indirect bright light for preparing food for itself. Though little or no light may cause plants to grow slowly.

How much light does a snake plant require?

The requirement of light by snake plant depends upon location of plant (i.e. whether it is kept is bathroom or bedroom or terrace or under shed or near window, etc.).

If the snake plant is kept outside but under a shady region where only bright indirect sunlight reaches then only 2-4 hours of light is sufficient for the plant.

If the snake plant is kept indoors specially near window or such a place where indirect light reaches then 4-5 hours is sufficient.

But in case the snake plant is kept indoors specially in bathroom or in dark place then you need to relocate your plant every 2-3 days to the place where it can take bright light easily. It is because light is not ON every time in such place. Hence receives very less light.

The snake plant may become droopy or sluggish due to the insufficiency of light. Hence proper location should be chosen before keeping your snake plants.

There are several snake plant benefits if you keep it in your bedroom.

What type of light does a snake plant need?

It is generally asked by the hobbyist, what kind of light does a snake plant need?

A snake plant can be grown in artificial as well as natural light environment.

This plant requires indirect light no matter where it is kept i.e. indoors or outdoors. If it can receive 4-5 hours of bright light-receiving from a window, the plant can do better growth or photosynthesis.

We can also kept this plant in artificial grow light. It is not a natural light as sunlight but snake plant do well in this light also.

Artificial grow light is beneficial for snake plants where the possibility of getting natural light is less or absent. For example, a house where there is no window or there is no place available to keep such a plant. In such a case, you can use grow lights for your plant.

Image Credit: Photo by Kelly Sikkema

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