7+ Snake Plant Benefits: Scientifically Proven Facts

A Snake plant is well known for its sturdy and classic-looking foliage. There are several snake plant benefits that force you to have one in your house.

I didn’t have this plant in my house a few years ago. I came across an article on the web regarding indoor air purifying plants and find a plant called snake plant in the list. After reading its benefits, it forces me to bring a snake plant at home.

The main benefit of the snake plant is its air-purifying property. Yes, it removes harmful pollutants from the air where it is kept.

There are many advantages of snake plants apart from air purifying functions. Let see all their benefits.

Snake Plant Benefits

1. Act as a Natural Air Purifier

Snake plants act as natural air purifiers. This plant has the special property of removing harmful gases from the air.

It generally absorbs pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, trichloroethylene, and xylene present in the surrounding air. Hence clean the air.

It is a perfect plant for indoors as snake plant light requirements are not that strict as compared to other succulent plants.

It is a perfect plant for health-conscious people. It feels them calm and healthy. It also provides them clean air free from toxic substances.

This property of the snake plant is approved by NASA, the space organization of the United States.

2. Produce Oxygen 24 hours a day

The snake plant is an extraordinary plant with many benefits. We know that we need oxygen for survival and plants produce oxygen.

Most of the plants produce oxygen in a day in the presence of sunlight. But snake plant is an exceptional plant. It produces oxygen 24 hours a day.

This means that the snake plant generates oxygen at the night and that too in the absence of light.

If you place this plant indoors, it will absorb carbon dioxide from the air and releases oxygen at the night also. One can say it a natural oxygen booster.

Hence snake plant helps in maintaining good oxygen level especially indoors. This is a scientifically proven fact.

3. Drought Resistance Plant

The snake plant belongs to the succulent family. As we know that succulents are generally native to places where there is a scarcity of water.

It can live without water for a long period. It can survive harsh temperatures like we observe in summer.

It remains healthy if you forgot for a week or a month. It can survive well.

Though overwatering can damage the plant and if that happens, it becomes impossible to save the plant. You can read a guide on how to water snake plants.

4. Beautiful Appearance

There are different varieties of snake plants available in the world. It is expected there are more than 70 snake plant varieties found on the Earth.

Each variety of snake plants comes with different shapes, structures, sizes, colors, and textures.

These plants have a beautiful appearance that looks attractive. The foliage has a texture like a snake skin.

You can’t resist having snake plants in your house, bedroom, or office.

5. Low maintenance

This is another advantage of the snake plant. It requires very little maintenance for its care.

It can thrive in a harsh climate no matter its summer or winter season. If you forgot to take care of this plant then it can survive well.

It does not require frequent fertilizer for growth. It can grow well if you don’t give fertilizers to them.

6. Less prone to insects

It is one of the advantages of this plant. This plant keeps insects away from itself due to its special property. The fungus also not affect this plant easily.

It has a toxic chemical that is present in its parts such as foliage, roots, etc. It is also harmful to humans and especially for kids and pets. This is a disadvantage of snake plants.

Hence you will never see a snake plant dying due to insects or fungus attack.

7. Absorbs Carbon dioxide in Night

Snake plant absorbs carbon dioxide in the night and gives us oxygen. It helps in reducing carbon dioxide levels from the air naturally.

It is better to keep such plants indoors to absorb carbon dioxide and maintain oxygen levels in the air.

8. Effective against Allergies

As discussed above, snake plants absorb harmful gases and volatile organic compounds, it is effective against airborne allergies.

Hence, you don’t need any artificial filters to absorb such harmful gases.

The snake plant benefits discussed in the above section are scientifically proven facts. Institutions like NASA did research on snake plants and found them as natural pollutant remover.

Hope this article provides deep insight on the benefits of snake plant. If you don’t have a snake plant, bring one and see the benefits.

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