Poptm Review- Best & High Paying Popunder Network

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Popunder networks are one of the best highly paid ad networks. If you have high traffic and have niches related to entertainment, software download, games, movies, etc. then surely you can earn tremendous amount of money from popunder networks.
Poptm is a new popunder network which pays really good and have placed a good reputation in the industry in a very short period of time. 
I have signup with Poptm in September 2016. You will get easily approval. I placed ad code on one of my website which has good traffic. I was impressed with impressions they count. Since many visitors use adblockers that substantially decreases earnings. I got average CPM of around 1$ and many times above 1$. They have good dashboard with earnings shown in real time. They also show counts of adblocked impressions and normal impressions.
Here is screenshot of my earnings and poptm CPM rates
You can request payout once reach 10$ for paypal users. You can withdraw multiple times a day once you reached threshold value.
Next thing is that they pay on time. They will send your payment in couples of hours. Usually 2-3 hours. I have received my payment from them on time.
They also provide plugin for wordpress users for easy installation of codes. The earnings are visible in the wordpress dashboard. So do not have login again and again to see the earnings.
Their support system is fast and good. They also have referral system. 
I have not seen good rates for US and UK traffic which usually lie between 1.5 to 2$. Another thing is that it counts 1 impression per visitor.


1. They have good security login feature.

2. Another best thing is that payout is very low 10$ only. You can withdraw payment multiple times a day.

3. The Payment process is very fast. You will get payment within 2-3 hours.

4. Small publishers can easily get approval for their websites but they should meet their terms and conditions.

5. CPM rates are high as compared to other ad networks lie between 0.8$-2$.

6. Poptm don not give full control over ads serve on the publisher website. But they serve 1 popunder per session per hour. So it does not affect user.

7. Poptm Dashboard is very simple and tempting with advanced report system. You can ask for report which can be sort according to the country, devices, etc. They show live rates along with impressions that served on the websites.
8. They have also WordPress plugin for WordPress users. So this helps for non technical persons who don’t know how to place ad codes on website.
9. The ranking for Poptm is very high. Since it is a new popunder network it has generate good reputation in small time. It is very popular popunder network.
10. I have received payments many times from them so it is a legit ad network.
Overall It is a good popunder network for worldwide traffic and asian & Indian traffic sites and worth trying.
I will definitely recommend you to try Poptm popunder network.

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  1. Poptm and Popcash are quite same, in terms of ads, payments and also with CPM. They count very less impression depending on traffic. Like say if you have 20k traffic, then the total impression will show only 1.5k.


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