Popcash Review-Legit Paying Popunder Network

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In this post I am going to review a popunder network Popcash.net. It is one of the old popunder network like popads.net. In this post we will review in detail about popcash.net CPM rates, payment option available, approval time and much more. We will see whether it is legit or not?

Popunder network has become one of the most highly paying network on internet. You can earn a lot of money out of it. If you have tier 1 & tier 2 traffic then income is tremendous.

Many new ad networks added to the internet every month. Many bloggers try these network to increase their income. But I have started reviewing these ad networks so you can save your time from testing these networks.

Here I give you original reviews without any biasing. What I earned from these networks and what is my experience with these networks. So you can apply these experiences to increase your income and save time without going for scam or new networks.

Well Popcash is an old popunder network like popads.net which pays really good. First of all I want you see how much I have earned using this ad network.

Yes you can see I have earned $105 from this network during my testing on one of my blog.

Here is screenshot of my earnings and Popcash.net CPM rates for 6 days.
I have tested on my one of blog having mostly asian-Indian traffic. The CPM rates of popcash vary between $0.5-$1.0. The average CPM that I got is $0.6. So It is good CPM considering the traffic that I have. So it is a good ad network that works Indian Traffic. It is good popunder network for Indian or asian traffic. But One thing is that it counts less impressions from actual. It may be due ad-block software installed by website visitor. But now popcash provides a anti-adblock code that will work on adblockers also and hence increases your earnings. Rates are comparatively lower than poptm and popads popunder network. 
You can request payout once you reach 10$ for paypal, payza, paxum users. You can withdraw multiple times a day once you reached threshold value. They have multiple payment option like Payza, Paxum.
Next thing is that they always pay you on time. They will send your payment within 2 days. I have received my payment from them on time. I have earned more than 100+$ from popcash.net.
Their support system is fast and good. They also have referral system. You will get 10% lifetime revshare from your referred members earnings.

Popcash is a good popunder network for worldwide traffic and Asian & Indian traffic sites. Always try to experiment with adnetworks. Use on your blog and see whether it working or not. Sometimes it works for one kind of traffic and not for another.

It is good ad network which come at No. 3 in my list after popads and poptm. You can read my review of poptm and popads here.

I will definitely recommend you to try Popcash popunder network.

image credit: popcash.net

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