10 Lazy Ways Moms Can Make Money Online

Are you a mom and have a super busy day, every day? Have you wondered how you can earn some extra bucks from the comfort of your home, without any upfront investment or stocking products or learning new skills?

If you have a smartphone/laptop & stable internet connection, you can make some good money, know-how:

10 Lazy Ways Moms Can Make Money

1. Take Online Surveys and Make Money

This is the quickest way to make money online. There are websites like Swagbucks, google opinion rewards, (amongst many others) that offer this service. These are simple surveys that take 5 – 7 minutes to complete. If you spend 1 hour on this every day, there is earning potential of $1 to $8 per day.

2. Watch Advertisements online and earn money

Some websites pay you for watching ads. These are called Paid-to-Click sites. You can register here and watch ads. The good PTC sites are ysense, Valuedopions, Paidverts, etc. You can earn up to $300 per month by spending 1 hour on these sites daily.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way of earning money by promoting various products on your social media platforms. Every time a sale happens using your code, you earn a commission. Being a mom, you can select products that you have been using, this will make your posts more trustworthy. The earning potential here depends on the sales that happen using your code.

4. Start a Mom Blog

A blog is a personal website where you can post stories. Today, Blogs are a popular way to share one’s knowledge with the world and earn money. Being a mom you can share stories related to pregnancy care, infant care, product reviews, vaccination, etc. You can make money from your blog using Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

5. Solve Captcha, Earn Money

We all use captcha at least once every day. Some captchas are simple and software can solve them, but many need a human interface. That is why some websites like solvecaptch.com, 2captcha, Mega Typers, etc pay for solving captcha. The money paid is not as high as other options, but it is good considering the effort.

6. Sell Pre-loved Clothes Online

Everyone has favorite clothes that do not fit anymore. Sometimes, these are expensive and we do not want to just give them away. You can sell your preloved clothes online and earn money as well as increase the lifespan of the garment. Websites like Etashee and Poshmark sell pre-loved clothes. Good labels can get you handsome money!

7. Earn Money Through Proofreading online

Proofreading means correcting a document in terms of grammar, punctuations, spelling, etc. There are websites that provide paid proofreading work are scribbr, prompt, proofreadingservices.com. The payment is done on an hourly basis or per-page basis sometimes. There is flexibility in work and you can choose your time.

8. Sell Photographs Online

Selling good photographs online is a quick way to earn money. You do not need a studio for this, digital images can also be sold. Websites like Shutterstock and Getty images are good platforms to sell such photographs.

9. Paid Typing Work Online

Online typing work involves typing from scanned images, typing while listening to the audio, etc. There are online platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer.com, etc. where one can get these jobs. Earning potential depends on the number of hours one dedicates to the task.

10. Sell Toys, Strollers, etc. Online

There are many toys and equipment like strollers etc that you bought for your little one and they have outgrown them. You can sell these online on websites like eBay, OLX, etc, and get good money in exchange.

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