Is Sansevieria a Cactus?

It is commonly known as all cactus are succulents but all succulents are not cactus. But do you know Sansevieria is a succulent?

Yes, Sansevieria genus plants are succulents.

Is Sansevieria a Cactus?

Sansevieria is not a Cactus. These are not cactus despite these plants are hardy and contain sap in their leaves like cactus have.

Sansevieria genus plants do not have spines but are especially present in all cactus plants. This makes Sansecieria’s look different than any cactus.

The water storing function of Sansevieria and cactus in their leaves or roots is same.

Overwatering can damage both of these type plants.

Sansevieria genus plants hate direct sunlight but cactus love direct sunlight.

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