How to Water Snake Plant?

The snake plant is one of the air purifying plants in the world. It removes toxic substances from the surrounding air. Hence cleaning the air where it is placed. This plant comes with several benefits.

Taking care of your snake plants is very easy. It requires very little maintenance. Watering is the most crucial factor for snake plants like other plants.

It is important to know how to water snake plants and how often to water snake plants?

Generally, this is the most obvious question if you have a snake plant in your house. Well, it depends upon several factors such as surrounding temperature, location (indoor or outdoor), and humidity. We have tried to cover topics regarding the watering of snake plants.

Here in this article, we will discuss the best way to water snake plants.

How to know when a snake plant needs water?

This is the very first step that needs proper attention.

How to tell when a snake plant needs water?

Well, you need to see the upper layer of the soil in which the snake plant is planted. Put your fingers or toothpick and gently press in the soil. If your finger feels dry (or the soil does not stick to the toothpick), it’s time to water your plant. If your finger feels moist (or the soil stick to the toothpick), your plant does not need water.

When you take care of your snake plant for a long time, it is very easy for you to tell when a snake plant needs water. Now we see how to properly water a snake plant.

How much water does a snake plant need?

Snake plants need less water as compared to other plants. It needs watering when it is completely dry as discussed above. The water requirement of snake plants depends upon various factors i.e. whether the plant is placed indoor or outdoor, the surrounding temperature, etc.

When the soil is completely dry, water your snake plant until water starts coming out from the bottom of the pot.

Generally, this plant requires more water when it is growing. The plant grows in spring and summer season.

How to properly water a snake plant?

The best way to water a snake plant is to directly give water to the soil area. Do not sprinkle water on the plant. There may be a chance your leaves may rot at the joining if you sprinkle water over the snake plant. This is because water droplets may stop on the leaves. This may cause leaves to rot if the water droplet remains there for a long time.

How to water snake plant indoor?

When the snake plant is placed indoors, the water needed by the plant is very little. Since it is kept in such a place where sunlight does not fall directly. Also, the temperature is also low. Hence the plant requires watering once a week in summers and once every 15 days in winters.

How to water snake plant in winter?

Do you want to know how often to water snake plant in winter?

This plant requires very little water in the winter season. You can water once every week. Though it may take longer than that depending upon temperature. Usually, snake plants can take water from mist present in the atmosphere in the winter.

How to water snake plant in summer?

Snake plants need watering in summers. Though watering depends upon temperature. You can water every day or once every two days depending on your location. In a place where the temperature is 86°F – 104°F (30°C-40°C), you water your snake plant every day. If the temperature is less than 86°F (30°C), you can water every second day.

How often to water snake plant cuttings?

When you prepare snake plants from cuttings, it requires watering once until cutting starts developing roots. Generally, snake plant cuttings are planted in soil mixture or cocopeat, and you have to water it once. Place the cuttings in a shady region for a period of 15 days.

Do you water snake plant after repotting?

Repotting is good for the development of snake plant.

Many users ask should I water snake plant after repotting. This is a very important question.

Snake water should be water after repotting. This is necessary to remove excess air present in the soil. This will help the roots to grow properly.

Now the question arises how much to water snake plant after repotting.

You need to add water to the snake plant until water comes out from the bottom of the pot. You must stop watering the plant once you see water starts coming out from the pot’s bottom.

How often to water baby snake plant?

Watering depends upon the plant size. Baby snake plants do not require frequent watering. You can water your plant when you see your plant soil is completely dried.

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