How to See Who Viewed your Facebook Profile the most?

Every Facebook user want to know who have seen their profile. You want to know about one friend who open your profile the most. You want to know which friend liked and comment your posts the most. But Facebook do not give such kind of feature. When there was Orkut social site, it gave you feature to know who have seen your profile. Who are seeing your profile the most. Similarly LinkedIn tells you when someone sees your profile. No such kind of feature is present on Facebook. But there are some tricks using which you can see which friend is actively following you. In this I will tell you how can you know which user sees your profile who are not in your friend list.
There are two methods to see friends who are in your friend list and those are not. So lets begin…

1. How to Check which friend have seen your profile the most?

Step-1: Sign in with your Facebook account. 

Step-2: Click on your photo on top blue bar adjacent to Home.

Step-3: Now click on Friends tab as as shown in image.

Step-4: Now you will see list of friends on the page. All the friends which are on top have seen your profile most. So this how you can see which friends of yours are follow you most.

2. How to Check which Facebook user have seen your profile the most who are not in your friends list?

Step-1: Open Google chrome browser and login to your Facebook account.
Step-2: Click on your photo on top blue bar adjacent to Home.
Step-3: Now right click on the page and click on View Page Source.
Step-4: Now a window will open with having source code as shown in the image below.
Step-5: Now press Ctrl+F command on the keyboard and type InitialChatFriendsList
 in the search box.
Step-6: Now you will see Facebook users ID below the text InitialChatFriendsList. These are the ID of users who has seen your profile. Here you will see profile ID list. You will see “-x”, “-0”,  “-2” and “-3” after Facebook ID.
Step-7: Now copy the ID without -3, -2 or -x part. For example you have to copy only 1899815078 from 1899815078-2 and leave -2.
Step-8: Now open new tab and enter facebook URL and add this copied ID after this. For example type in the addess bar. Now this is the profile of the user that have seen your profile whether it is your friend or not.
Follow the above tutorials in steps to know you viewed your facebook profile the most. First method is to know who are in your friend list. The second method is little bit technical and somewhat tough for few users. In this method you have to check users ID that sees your facebook profile.
So this is the tutorial on how to know who has seen your profile most whether it is in your friend list or not. I hope you like this tip on Facebook. If you like this tip, please share with your friends.
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