How To Prevent Viruses And Malware Entering On Your Mobile Phone

There is a common saying “Prevention is better than Cure” and this saying perfectly fits for your mobile phones whether it a smartphone or android, iPhone, etc. There are number of viruses and malware that seriously affect your phone if it enters into it. 
It is very easy task to identify the virus and malware that entered into your phone with its performance signs. Sometimes you have seen that your phone is hanging repeatably or your phone is heating too much after using or opens apps automatically. 
Have you ever wondered why your phone is misbehaving or running out of control? This may be the sign of virus had entered into your phone. Viruses can steal your data and sends to their server. Data may be in terms of your passwords, OTP’s, contacts,etc. This may result into losses even you will not know what is going behind your phone. These viruses work in the background without letting know to their owner. Since they work in background hence it will drain battery and reduces the battery life.
In this post we will help you on how to prevent viruses and malware entering on your phone.
These steps can help you to close the doors for viruses and malware entering into your phone.
Lets check out how to block entry of viruses and malware in the mobile phone.

1. Download Apps from Trusted Sources:

Always use trusted apps. This means that if are using android phone then download apps from Google Play store or if you are using Iphone then you can download apps from apple store. It is the best way to stop and prevent viruses and malware entering into your phone. These platform can only give certified supported versions to its users.

2. Block Third Parties App:

This is the main reason to spread viruses and malware into your phone. These third party apps are designed in such a way that it make your mobile unconditional or disturbed state. In these type of apps, there is a connections with third party ad servers. These ad servers sends viruses to these apps and enter to your phone. So don’t allow installation of third party apps.

3. Don’t Open Unknown links:

You have seen many times in a email saying you are become a millionaire and you have to fill a form using this link. These type of links may contain viruses that will automatically enters your phone. Sending of links from unknown sections are termed to be unknown links which came from Non-authority platform. Wattsapp and messenger are also become a common platform for spreading malware to the mobile phone. These type of links can be in the form of fake promises and attractive promotions. It is very easy to distinguish between normal and unauthorized links.Please leave such links aside without making a click on it or you can delete those links in your phone permanently.

4. Safe Browsing:

Always make a habit of enabling safe browsing mode while surfing the web in our phone. Most of the browsers offers this safe mode with built-in option. It always warns you when you land on untrusted website and enables you go back to safe browsing mode.Always look for https: sign in the address bar when you download apps from outside the play store.

5. Use Anti-Virus Apps:

Nowadays every phone whether android or Iphone comes with antivirus software. This is like a first-aid treatment for the phone to make it run normally and safely. It removes virus or malware from the phone if it is infected. If you don’t have antivirus installed then you can download free or paid antivirus from play store or apple store. If you really want to make a protection from all the sides to your phone then you should have to opt for best Virus scanners in the store. These virus scanners, scan every part of your phone which enters into your phone and automatically runs the test and detect the threats if found. They protect your battery life also.
Make a habit of scanning your phone daily to assure it is safe.

6. Avoid Sharing with Open WiFi/Bluetooth :

Do you know that even transferring of files between phone to phone through Bluetooth or shareit or zender can drive viruses to your mobile phone if done with unknown Bluetooth devices. Do not connect with untrusted public open WiFi since it can harm your phone, as most of the open sourced WiFi connections spreads virus and malware to steal your data.
So these are some tips to block entry of viruses and malware to the phone. Hope this will help you. If you have some other tips regarding this, you can drop your comments below.
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