How to merge cells in Google Sheets?

In this tutorial, we will see how to merge cells in google sheets. Sometimes we need to combine multiple cells to make a single cell. It is mostly asked question regarding google sheets.

How to merge cells in Google Sheets horizontally

Step-1: Open your file in the Google sheet.

Step-2: Select all the cells that you want to merge as shown below.

Step-3: Once you select the cells, click on Format option in the menubar as shown below.

Step-4: Now in the Format option, click on the Merge cells option as shown below.

Step-5: In the Merge Cells option, now click on the Merge horizontally option. Bingo you are done.

Step-6: Finally your file looks like this. Here all the 3 cells are merged into single-cell as shown below.

I hope this tutorial on how to merge cells in google sheets help you. If you have any question please ask in comments below.

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