How to Make Facebook Posts Viral in Less Time

How to Make Facebook Posts Viral in Less Time

Do you want to make your Facebook posts, images, status viral? Every Facebook user want their posts should get a lot of likes, comments. Whether there are business man, teens, celebrity, company, online website owner, everyone wants that there post should get large number of likes and comments. When you see posts with hundreds- thousands of likes or comments on a post, you get jealous.

Am I right?
Yes, even me too..😁
So in this post I will share some tips to make your Facebook posts viral.
You might have seen with the post saying that register on website and gets thousands of likes instantaneously. These sites are like, etc. But I don’t suggest you go with similar kind of websites. Many websites register you through your Facebook account and access your personal details and will spam you. This will lead to security issues with your Facebook accounts also.
These tips are for people who want their page to get viral or who want their posts viral only. These tips make your page posts popular among Facebook audience.
So lets start….

1. Write Complete Profile & do Proper Settings

Many people do not write complete details in their profile. Like you just write your name and city only in your about section. This things not going to make popular you among Facebook friends those who don’t know.
This is the biggest mistakes that most users made.
Write complete detail about yourself that attract someone to view your profile. If someone know you through your profile then there are chances that you will get more likes on your posts. If someone do not know you much then there are less chance as compared to those who have complete profile.
Similarly if someone has a page, they should write complete detail about page, contacts, address, etc. So people have knowledge about you. Go to your page settings, and fill each detail as possible.

2. Points that Reflects your Personality:

Write some thing on your timeline that reflects your personality. Thing about your interests hobbies, passion, how you get motivated, your strengths, etc. write in brief about each interests. Write some achievements you have and posts on your timelines, groups, pages, etc.
These things made people to look you and get ideas from your life and definitely like your posts.

3. Use Viral/Eyecatching Photos

Write some posts and add some interesting eyecatching images to it. These viral images you can get from different websites that provides images that are viral on internet. When your friends see viral photos along with your status than there are chances that you will get higher numbers of likes and comments.

4. Ask Questions

Yes, asking questions is also one of the methods to get viral. You have seen in many groups that someone ask some interesting question like Who like blue Color and why? and these posts start flooded with likes and comments.
When you regularly post question related to your business or interest. There are chances people will see your profile and will follow you. Next time when you will post, you will get higher number of likes and comments.

5. Post at proper time period

Post at time when most of Facebook users are online. It varies with different countries. For example in India most of the people get online between 7-12 PM. So when you post between this interval then there are chances that  you get more likes and comments.

6. Post in Relevant Groups

Many times we post and share in a group that are irrelevant to the subject or topic of the group. So people may ignore the post. We also post in a group by seeing only the number of members of the group. The more number of members the more like we get, is our mental ideology. That is totally wrong. By posting in relevant group audience whether they have less number of members but it is likely to get you more likes and comments.

7. Tag People

You can also get more likes when you tagged your friends. Whenever you post something tag your friends. This is easiest way to get likes.

8. Like and Comment on other’s Posts:

When you ignore your friends post then they also not like or comment on your posts. It is one of the reason that people do not like your posts. Be friendly and active in sharing and liking someone posts. By this they will take interest in your posts and will react by liking your posts. So start giving to other post also.

9. Update Regularly:

You should post daily to get active on Facebook. Atleast one post per day make people to take interest in your posts. This is also help in getting more likes.

10. Run a Facebook Ad:

This is for the people who do not want spend time in sharing posts. You can just build some page and starting posting. You can run a Facebook ad by boosting posts on which you want more likes. It is very easy method who want more publicity within less time. It is very good method for your posts go viral.
I hope that these 10 tips regarding viraling one post will help you in gaining popularity in less time. please follow each steps to get more success in viraling your posts. If you like this post, don’t forget to share with your friends.
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