How to Make Money Online From YouTube

How to Make Money Online From YouTube
How to Make Money Online From YouTube
Nowadays everyone looking for different ways to earn money online. Whenever you googled for how to earn money online, you will gets thousands of results. Well, There are at least a dozen ways to make money online. It includes affiliate marketing, advertisement, link shortener, freelancing, etc.
Just wait. Are you thinking that you can’t earn money online because you don’t have technical knowledge.
Thats totally wrong. Its really a myth that you have to excel in coding or have sound knowledge in programming or similar kind of stuff.
A non-technical person can also earn money from internet. You don’t have to learn coding for this.
Well, in previous post I talked on various ways to earn money online.
In this post I am going to share a new way of earning money from YouTube.
I think you are surprise how can you earn money from YouTube? But you can earn real money from YouTube.
YouTube is a biggest video streaming website in the world owned by Google. I think everyone here have watch some movie, video or songs at sometime. It is free to watch and also you can earn money from YouTube without doing any investment.
There are many people who are earning over $2,000 every day from their YouTube videos. You can also earn descent money from YouTube videos. All you have to read this post carefully till end.
I am here telling you 3 best ways to earn money from YouTube.

How to Make Money Online From YouTube

First of all you have to create good videos and upload using your google account. Promote and share your videos on the internet using social media so that you have good number of views per day say for example 1000 views per day. Once you are start getting this amount of traffic to your YouTube videos then you can use following options:

1. Google Adsense

It is an online advertisement network that shows advertisement on your website, videos and let you earn money. Adsense shows contextual and video ads on your YouTube videos. Whenever someone click on that ad, you will earn some money. You can monitor your daily earnings using adsense dashboard. This is the easiest way to earn money from YouTube.
You have to apply for Google Adsense for approval. Your content should be unique and don’t have any copyrighted content or video. Otherwise your adsense will not be approved.

2. Sponsored video

This methods works when your channel is very much popular on YouTube. You can search for sponsors that will put ads at starting and ending of the video. Using this method you can generate a lot of money from sponsor ads. But for this method you have to make your video channel on YouTube popular. For you have seen TVF channel on YouTube. They generate huge money from sponsors.

3. Affiliate marketing

It is simply promoting one product online. Whenever someone buys product that you refer using a affiliate link, then you get a tempting commission. This method will let you earn a large amount in a very short time. You can review a product and uploading its video on YouTube. After that you can put your affiliate link in the description section. When someone click and buy that product you will earn money out of it.
So these are 3 best ways to earn money online by using YouTube Platform without any investment. All you have to do is creating and uploading videos on YouTube. I have this post will help you earning more from YouTube. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with your friends on social media.
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