How to get blog post ideas from your Blog?

Are you struggling in finding good blog post ideas for your blog? No matter on which niche you are working, it seems to you that you are unable to find the topic on which you can write a post. In this post, I will be sharing with you an amazing trick to get a lot of ideas or topic and that even from your blog.

So let’s get started…

Before we go further I want you to have Google Analytics code installed on your blog.

How to generate blog post topics from your Blog?

Step-1: Login to your Google Analytics account. Make sure your blog is added to the account. If it is not there first installed on your blog.

Step-2: When you open your Google Analytics account, click on the Admin button present at the left sidebar bottom as shown below.

Step-3: Click on the View Settings button present at the first row in the third column as shown below.

Step-4: Now in the View Settings, scroll down the page to the Site Search Settings. Turn on the Site Search Tracking as shown in the figure.

Step-5: Now in the Query parameter, type q,s in the tab provided as shown below.

Step-6: Hit the Save button.

Step-7: Now go back to the Home as shown.

Step-8: Now go to the behaviour > Site Search > Search Terms, all your keywords that your visitors’ searches will start displaying as shown below.

Note: Since you have activated it now so it will show only those keywords that your visitors search after you have activated the Site Search Tracking.

Make a list of keywords on which you have not written any article. Now your visitors will give you an idea on blog post ideas. So this is all about this post. If you like this article then please do comment and share with your friends. See you in another awesome trick, till then Bye.

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