How Do Reality Shows Make Money?

Today’s generation of TV show viewers may not like what the previous generation has liked. This puts a rigorous task on creators and script makers of shows to produce a show which meets today’s generation expectations.

Research shows that today’s generation likes to watch reality TV shows more than regular scripted TV shows.

The booming industry of reality shows is gaining millions of traction worldwide. This makes reality show producers seal great deals and sponsors for their upcoming shows but how are the other ways reality shows make money?

Sometimes a reality show can get canceled when the show is not earning the money the board was expecting. There are numerous sources where reality shows generate income and budget for the show.

Now the main talking point is how reality shows make money.

How do reality shows make money?

1. Advertisements

A show of one hour contains 20 minutes of advertisements. So one-third of airtime belongs to commercials and this is where broadcasters make their money.

The estimated earning is $1 per viewer generally which means that if there are a million viewers then the broadcasters earn $1 million.

A reality show that has gained a lot of popularity and viewership will automatically generate money. It allows producers to increase the budget so that the production of that reality show can improve.

2. Networks/Broadcasters

Networks or Broadcasters are a big source of budget providers for reality shows. The producers pitch the plot, contestants, name of the host, and budget to a network and if that network is convinced that all the ad revenue and viewership will be attractive, then the deal will be done.

3. Ratings

Ratings can determine how a certain TV show, reality show, and movie is performing. TV ratings are what people talk about and many people watch shows based on their ratings. So the objective of TV shows is to get good ratings.

Such ratings can help them receive more revenue and deals in the future. It will make a good image of that particular show and people will be keen to watch it.

4. Merchandise

Selling merchandise is like a trump card for generating extra money for any monetary business including the entertainment industry. Reality TV shows are no exception.

People love to have merchandise that belongs to their favorite TV shows. It makes them feel like they have a personal connection with the show.

Final Words

Reality shows are just as big as TV shows if not bigger. Many production companies and independent producers have capitalized on this industry and are earning lots of money.

TV shows in general are a massive industry where billions of dollars are involved. People are coming up with numerous platforms and ideas so that they can enhance the quality of shows which will generate more viewership to them hence more money.

People don’t like ads in between their favorite reality shows but Commercials or ads are a big part of how reality shows make money and receive the budget to run the productions.

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