Hide Seen On Feature On Facebook Chat Messages
How to Hide Seen On Feature On Facebook Chat Messages
Facebook is the largest social media platform on the Internet. It connects people around the globe. You can find and make friends on Facebook. You can share your views, thoughts, videos, photos with your friends. You can also chat with the people in real time. Chat feature is mostly used feature on Facebook. People are getting addicted to chatting.
Facebook has two real time working features like typing and seen messages. Typing feature is amazing but few people don’t like the seen option. You can see screenshot below.
I think most of us has used chat feature on Facebook. When you send some message to the people whom you are chatting, a tick sign will appear when message has been sent and a seen on appears when that person read your message. Similarly if someone sent you a message then he/she can check whether you have read the message or not.
Sometimes we don’t want to show that we have read the message to our friends. Also we don’t reply to that person. If he/she sees the double tick sign then he/she knows that you read the message and you don’t have reply. This makes a bad impression.
Facebook officially don’t have feature to hide Seen feature on Chat and messages,So in this post I am giving tutorial on How To Hide Seen On Facebook Chat/Messages. I am going to discuss about how we can automatically hide seen on Facebook chat messages.

How To Hide Seen On Facebook Chat/Messages

Step 1: First of all Install Facebook™ Chat Privacy extension if you using Google Chrome browser.
Install Unseen extension if you using Mozilla Firefox browser.
Step 2: After installing extension, restart your browser.
Step 3: Now Login your Facebook account on that browser. Start Chat with someone. Now Seen option will not visible to your friends while doing chatting.
Note: This method will not disable Seen On feature on your Mobile Phone. This will disable only on that browser which has above installed extension.
It is very good trick to hide Seen feature on Facebook chat/Messages by using an extension. You don’t have to do manual work to hide this feature. The work is easily done by the extension. If you want to enable this feature again in future then you can simply uninstall the extension from the browser. After that Seen feature will again activate. If you like post then don’t forget to share with your friends on social media.
How to Hide “Seen On” Feature On Facebook Chat/Messages

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