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I am writing Ad network review after a long time. This time I am going to give Ezoic review. You might have heard about this ad network from different bloggers, forums or websites. Or you may be hearing about it for the first time. No worry!

This post is gonna be for everyone who wants to monetize their blogs using advertisements. In this post, I am going to write about my REAL experience with the Ezoic.

My Ezoic Review

Ezoic Review

In short, Ezoic has boosted my blog (not this blog) earning by 90-100% using their artificial intelligence technology. It is one of the best AdSense alternatives. Generally, I use Google Adsense to monetize my blog. One day, I was approached by the Ezoic manager to implement this Ad network to my blog. Although I heard about Ezoic in forums, Facebook groups and different websites but never tried by myself.

I signed-up using their registration form available on Ezoic website. After 1-2 days, I received an email from an onboarding specialist. I was asked to provide screenshots of Google Analytics traffic stats for review of the site.

Acquisition > All traffic > Source Medium (For last 30 days)
Behaviour> Site Content > Landing Pages (For last 30 days)

I shared them with my above Google Analytics stats. After 2 days, I received a Welcome message from the onboarding specialist “I have approved your site for monetization on our platform”. He sent me some instructions on how to get started to connect your website with Ezoic and start earning money. It takes around 2-3 days to finalise all the setup. So, my onboarding process was around 7 days from the signup process to showing ads on my website. I think this delay is due to the Corona Pandemic.

On the first day, I saw earnings as normally seen in Google Adsense. Next day, I see a little increase in earnings. After 2-3 days, I started seeing the difference. My daily earnings jump to approximately double what I make using Google Adsense. Literally, I said WOW!

My earnings with Ezoic are constantly double or more than my Google Adsense earnings except for 2 or 3 days in a month. This justifies that Ezoic definitely increases the website earning using their Artificial intelligence technology.

Ezoic vs Adsense Earnings

I tested Ezoic on one of my small blogs. This blog is in the growing stage. The results are compared with Google Adsense earnings.

In the month of November 2020, I made $56.99 with Google Adsense. The following is the month-wise breakage of the earning from the blog when I used Google Adsense.

November 2020: $56.99
October 2020: $54.04
September 2020: $45.83
August 2020: $19.67

In the month of December 2020, I started using Ezoic. I made $105.09 with Ezoic in January 2021. The following is the month-wise breakage of the earnings from the blog when I used Ezoic.

January 2021: $105.09
December 2020: $105.83

The following screenshot is from Ezoic Dashboard for the month of February 2021. It has two parts i.e. Ezoic earning and Mediation earning. Basically, mediation earning is what my blog earns from Google Adsense since some of my traffic utilises Adsense Ads to monetize. In this way, one can earn from both Ezoic as well as Google Adsense by setting how much traffic you want to send to Ezoic and Google Adsense.

Ezoic Earnings

I will update the earnings and this post in the month of March 2021.

Ezoic Payment Proof

So far I received payment from Ezoic in January 2021. The Ezoic payment proof is shown below.

Ezoic Payment Proof
Payment Proof of Ezoic

Ezoic Pros

  • Low payment threshold. They have only 20$ minimum payout. This is the key advantage of using Ezoic. You can withdraw payment once you reach 20$ amount. This is very low criteria as compared to the Google Adsense where you need to cross the $100 threshold.
  • Multiple Payment Methods. They have multiple ways one can withdraw your payment. Currently, one can use PayPal, Payoneer and Check to withdraw their payment.
  • No Fees charged while transferring Payment. Generally, PayPal charge fees when someone receives payment through it. When you receive payment through Ezoic in PayPal, no fees are charged or deducted from the amount one receives in PayPal. This is another advantage of using Ezoic.
  • Boost your income using the Ezoic’s Premium plan. Ezoic provides premium plans to help publishers to earn more apart from the normal earnings. But generally, publishers earn more compared to what they paid in premium fees.
  • Best Support. They provide the best customer support to their publishers. You can ask an unlimited number of questions from them. They reply to each and every question no matter how small is your doubt.
  • Best Knowledge base support. They provide vast generally questions that may be asked by the publishers. They already provide answers to those in their knowledge base.
  • Good Dashboard interface. Ezoic has a good dashboard and one can find anything easily.
  • Excellent Bigdata Analytics. It has outstanding bigdata analysis. One can utilize this data to improve the earnings by doing certain improvement in their blogs.
  • No contract. They don’t have any contract. Hence one can leave or join anytime without losing their earnings.
  • Cloudflare integration. It provides Cloudflare integration to the blog when integrated using Nameserver method. Hence the site will load faster. This is because Cloudflare caches your pages at different locations around the globe and serves to the visitors from the nearest server location. This how visitors experience faster site load.
  • Set Goals. One can set goals depending upon their needs i.e. user experience or revenue or balanced experience.

Ezoic Cons

  • Slow sites when integration is done using the WordPress plugin. But in such case, you can integrate using nameservers. Nameserver method does not slow sites. I am also using nameserver method. So I generally don’t see my site loading slow.
  • No transparency on how many clicks do you get on Ads as we can see in the Adsense dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Ezoic Without AdSense?

Yes. You can use Ezoic without Adsense. Your blog must be following terms and conditions that are required for Google Adsense approval. If you have Google Adsense approval for your blog then it is very easy to get into Ezoic.

Is Ezoic worth it?

Definitely Yes. Ezoic is a premium ad network that uses artificial intelligence technology to improve website earning. One can earn more as compared to Google Adsense and other Ad networks.

Is Ezoic trustworthy?

Ezoic is trustworthy Premium Ad network. Ezoic dispatch payments on time and provides good support. I have personally received payment from it. You can check my Ezoic payment proof in the above section.

How much can you make with Ezoic?

There is no certain answer to this question. The earnings depend upon different factors such as niche, country, keywords, etc. You can even earn more with less traffic. On the other hand, you can earn less with more traffic depending upon the above factors. But Ezoic being the premium ad network provides good earnings compared with other ad networks.

Is Ezoic better than AdSense?

According to my experience, Ezoic is better than Adsense in terms of earnings. It boosts blog earnings from 50% to 250% according to the company. But personally, I see an increment of 90% to 100% increment in my earnings.


I will highly recommend you to try Ezoic Ad Network. I have seen excellent results with it. This is the best Google AdSense alternative available one can try to boost their blog income. I am now working on new Ad networks on different blogs. So stay connected and bookmark this blog to receive new updates.

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