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eDomz Review- Bloggerstalent.com

Update: eDomz is now moved to a new Domain name globaladmedia.comHi Guys! In this post I am reviewing eDomz a CPM/Popunder online advertising Network.

We come across new ad networks everyday but choosing the best one is really tough job. Since many works well for one kind of traffic and some another kind of niches and traffic. eDomz is not a new name for popunder. It is a ad network working since 2005. There are many reviews on the internet regading eDomz. Many told that eDomz is a scam network but in this post We will check whether eDomz is legit or scam?

eDomz Review


eDomz offers two types of ad formats- Pop Under Ads and CPM banner ads. You have to create separate account for both of these ad formats using their sign-up form. Edomz reviews website for approval. Once approved you can place ad codes to your websites or blog. In CPM account you have to create tags and each tag is first approved by your account manager.
eDomz is very similar to popunder networks like Popads, Poptm, Ad-Maven, Popcash. You can click on the links to check their review.
Getting approval is very easy for eDomz. eDomz doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirement. They accept all kind of traffic fulfilling their terms and condition. eDomz allows both Adult and Non Adult content websites. But the content should be legal.
eDomz is basically more popular for pop under ads as compared to their CPM ad formats. Well ads served by the popunder are clean and free from malware. They promised to provide 100% fill rate. So that publishers can earn more money.
eDomz has good dashboard where one can see their earnings,reports,etc. The impressions and earnings are updated in real time. It works on RTB (Real time bidding) method. So cpm rates vary over the day.
eDomz CPM rates are good for tier-1 countries usually greater than 1.5$ and for asian and india traffic CPM rates vary from 0.6-1$. They count only one unique impression per visitor.
You can check my earnings payment proof with eDomz below in screenshots.
eDomz payment proof- Bloggerstalent.com
Publishers can control their ads by controlling cap frequency and they can use from popup, popunder and tabunder ad formats. You can choose between Auto Open and On Click options. Auto Open means when someone visits your website then popunder ad open automatically behind the user current window. Whereas in On click option, user has to click anywhere on the site to open the ads.
The minimum payout for publishers is $10. eDomz provides 3 different payment options to its publishers: PayPal, Webmoney and Skrill. eDomz works on net-15 and payments are released between 15th to 25th of every month.
I have earned money from eDomz and also received money through paypal. So it is a legit and good network. Only thing it is lacking in their support system.
So if you running a blog related to music, entertainment, news, health or similar kind of website or blog then you should try eDomz.

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