Echeveria Afterglow plant Care & Guide

Echeveria Afterglow plant is a pretty succulent resembles like a rose. It has large rosettes, grow upto 12 inches. It has an adorable blue-coloured fleshy leaf. Leaves have bright pink edges. This plant has a short stem.

Scientific NameEcheveria ‘Afterglow’
Common Names——

The plant produces orange-red flowers that emerge either from the terminal flower stem or below the foliage. The plant blooms in the summer. The flowers are not that attracting but the Echeveria Afterglow has a lovely and beautiful foliage.

Generally, the plant grows up to 1-2 feet in height and 30-60 cm in width. It is is deer resistant.

Echeveria Afterglow plant can thrives in heat and can tolerate drought. This plant works well under full sun or partial shade.

This plant is excellent choice for Excellent choice for succulent gardens, rock gardens or Mediterranean gardens. Echeveria Afterglow succulent plant is native to central and south America, Mexico, and Texas.

Echeveria Afterglow Plant Guide

The Echeveria Afterglow plant care includes the following points.

  • Light Requirements: This plant needs bright indirect light and works well either in full sun or partial shade.
  • Water Requirements: Water this plant once it is completely dry but do not over water it.
  • Difficulty to grow: slow growth
  • Favourable Temperature: 10° C – 21°C (50° – 70° degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Soil Requirement: This plant needs well drained sandy soil.
  • Fertilizer Requirement: This plant might get fertilized once a month in a month.
  • How to propagate: This succulent is easy to propagate by either stem cutting or leaf cuttings in spring or early summer. One can separate offsets in spring season.

Echeveria Afterglow plant Care

  • Afterglow succulent plant has no major disease problem. Insects like aphids, vine weevil, and mealybugs can affect its leaves.
  • The most important point to remember is that don’t do over watering this plant. Water the plant once it is completely dried out. If you over water the plant, the roots will rot.
  • This succulent needs bright light. Please try to avoid placing this plant in dark places.
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