How to create and send animated GIF on WhatsApp

How to create and send animated GIF on WhatsApp
How to create and send animated GIF on WhatsApp
WhatsApp is most popular messenger app in the world. Most of the users are from India. In 2017 , it has added many updates to their current version. Latest Version of WhatsApp now supports GIF animated images. In its beta version you can send and receive GIF images. But one interesting thing that many WhatsApp user do not know that they can create GIF images in the WhatsApp app only. You do not want any kind of software or application for making GIF images. This feature are one of the best tricks for WhatsApp users.
Creating GIF images on WhatsApp is very easy and will take only 5 seconds. Read this complete post and follow the steps in order to create and send GIF animated images on WhatsApp.

How to Create GIF Image On WhatsApp

Step 1: Firstly, open WhatsApp app.

Step 2: Now open Friend or Group to whom you want to send GIF image.

Step 3: Click on Attachment icon on top right bar. Choose Gallery Option.

Step 4: Go to Video Section. Choose video that you want to send as a GIF image.

Step 5: Now video will open in the WhatsApp. Now Cut the portion of a video for 6 seconds from time setting bar below the video.

Note: Choose time less than 6 seconds only.

Step 6: Now press send button. It will send a GIF image to your friend.

This will also create a backup file in your WhatsApp folder in gallery of your phone. You can see it from there.

This is how you can create animated GIF on WhatsApp in few seconds and send it to your friends, family or group. I hope this WhatsApp trick is helpful for you. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with your friend on social media.

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