How to Check if an E-mail Address Exists Without Sending

Check if an E-mail Address Exists Without Sending
How to Check if an E-mail Address Exists Without Sending
Are you looking for a method to verify an email?  Whether it exists or not.
Suppose you want to check or or exist or not. 
The simplest way to check whether an e-mail address exist or not is to send the email to that email address. If your email does not bounce, the email address is valid and exists. Otherwise, it is invalid or does not exist.
Suppose you have a list of an e-mails. You have to send an e-mail to all its members in the list. Sometimes there are many e-mails that are invalid or seems to be invalid. If you send them in bulk using gmail or any other provider then there might be chances of bounce back of certain emails. If these are in great numbers then gmail or service provider may temporary ban your account due to bounce back of large number of e-mails.
If you are a marketer or in similar profession and you have to send a large number of e-mails and also you don’t have knowledge whether some e-mails exist or not then you can easily check the validity of e-mail.
If you want to test without sending the email. For that you can ping that email address to find an MX records for that domain. It is little bit complicated. But in this post I am gonna try to give you an easy way to find valid e-mail.
For this you have to try online email address validator tools. These email address validator tools can verify whether an email address actually exists or not. This method is easy to use. You only need to enter e-mail address of the person and it will check whether it exist or not.
How to check if an email address exists without sending an email?

1. Free Email Verifier

Step 1: Go to Free Email Verifier website.
Step 2: Now enter the e-mail you want to check and press Verify button as shown below.

If e-mail exists it give result: OK
If e-mail does not exists it give result: BAD
So this is how you can Check if an E-mail Address Exists Without actually Sending an e-mail. There are many other website like above. You can use below websites if first one does not open.


3. Smart-IP

So this is the trick to check if an e-mail address exists without sending the e-mail. This is very easy and accurate method. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with your friends on social media.
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