How to Water Snake Plant?

The snake plant is one of the air purifying plants in the world. It removes toxic substances from the surrounding air. Hence cleaning the air where it is placed. This plant comes with several benefits. Taking care of your snake plants is very easy. It requires very little maintenance. Watering is the most crucial factor … Read more

Conophytum bilobum Care

Conophytum bilobum is a type of succulent plant with having small stemless structure. These succulents have chalky-green or pale-green leaves with a dark green dotted pattern. The leaves are harsh to touch. It can grow up to 7.5 cm in height and 3 cm in width. The shape of the leaves somewhat triangular and pointed … Read more

Conophytum calculus Care

Conophytum calculus is a succulent plant that resembles a small rounded ball or stone. It is basically native to South Africa. It does not have stems. It multiplies in number as this succulent grows old. It forms a cluster of multiple rounded shapes succulent. It has slow growth. This succulent plant belongs to the Aizoaceae … Read more

9 Best Air Purifying Indoor Plants

Healthy air quality is our top priority nowadays. Many people use different artificial gadgets to purify indoor air. But do you know! God has gifted us amazing plants that not only fill our stomach but also clean our air by removing harmful gases present in our surroundings. I hope you are searching for some plants … Read more

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is one of the methods of irrigation in which water falls in the form of water droplets. Experts say that this method is discovered in Israel. This method is also known by another name trickle irrigation. In drip irrigation pumps, pipes, valves, drippers and emitters are used. Usually, the discharge rate of water … Read more

String of Dolphins Plant Care & Guide

How to care string of dolphins plant

String of Dolphins plant is a gorgeous vining succulent plant because of its amazing dolphin-shaped, succulent and fleshy leaves. Its scientific name is Senecio peregrinus. Its leaves look like small dolphins jumping and crossing the stem. Hence this plant is also known as String of dolphins. This plant is similar to string succulents like string … Read more

What is a Succulent Plant?

What is a succulent plant

Succulent plants are one of the most beautiful and adorable in the plant family. They are amazing due to their unusual and attracting appearances. They are termed as Succulents in short. These plants generally have characteristics of fleshy, swollen and thickened leaves. The word succulent drives from a Latin word ‘sucus‘, that means ‘juice‘ or … Read more

String of Bananas Plant Care & Guide

How to care string of bananas plant

String of Bananas Plant is an adorable vining succulent plant because of its unusual banana-shaped, succulent and fleshy leaves. Its scientific name is Curio radicans. Its leaves look like a small banana. Hence this plant is also known as String of bananas. The stem of this plant is thick and less delicate as we have … Read more

Peperomia Prostrata Plant Care & Guide

How to care string of turtles plant

Peperomia Prostrata is a beautiful vining succulent plant because of its gorgeous turtle patterned round, succulent and fleshy leaves. The leaves look like small turtles. Hence this plant is also known as String of turtles. The leaves of this plant are very delicate and can be broken quite easily. The leaves have a dark green … Read more

Types of Succulent Plants List -2020

Types of succulent plant-Visual list

Succulent plants are one of the most amazing and beautiful plants in the plant family. All succulents need similar care for growth. There are around 400+ different types of succulent plants found on the earth. These succulent varieties are known for low maintenance and long lifespan. I have composed a list of the different types … Read more