7 Best Jobs For Moms With No Degree

As a mom, it is hard to get a job especially if you don’t have a degree in addition to having to do all the mom work at home. Don’t worry, today I will tell you about jobs that do not need a degree and will not have a detrimental effect on your work-life balance.

Here are the best jobs for moms with no degree.

7 Best Jobs For Moms With No Degree

1. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing usually means that you will be writing for other people and they will get all the credit and in return, you will earn for every article or description that you write.

Various platforms are made for freelancers who have a passion for writing. You can head over to one of those platforms and contact people who want a freelance writer.

2. Fitness Instructor

Another great job for moms with no degree is as a fitness instructor. Having said that, you have to be a fitness freak naturally only then you can aspire to teach and provide guidance to others.

Fitness Instructor can work as a freelancer or gets hired in a gym or fitness center. A fitness instructor can instruct a whole class at a time or do a one on one session so you can charge accordingly.

3. Selling Crafts

If you are an artistic person who can make sculptures, paintings, jewelry, wedding bouquet, and any type of tangible piece that can be considered as art, you can try selling it and make a stable income from it.

This is a serious small-scale business that can grow bigger. So if your artistic capabilities can monetize your art why not start selling crafts.

4. Hair Stylist

Most moms have an outstanding sense of styling hair and fashion in general. Becoming a hairstylist can be a walk in the park for moms with great hair styling and people skills.

Hairstylists can establish a positive connection with clients which can help you make more clients and money.

5. In-Home Childcare

In-home childcare is a very easy job, especially for moms. You just need to take care of someone else’s kids while their parents are busy or not at home.

If you are good with kids and want the best out of children then home childcare is for you.

The paying rates of In-Home Childcare depend on the area so it is better to just ask around first in your neighborhood.

6. Salesperson

A salesperson is not for everyone but if you have great social skills with some marketing abilities, this job will be perfect for you.

Salesperson earns from commissions and salary. There are numerous types of items or services that a salesperson sells.

7. School Support Staff

There are various fields in school where there is a need for support staff. It can be crossing guards, office staff, canteen staff, etc.

These school support staffs may not earn a lot but they can be done as a short term job and you get holidays when the school children get it. For example, during the summer and winter holidays.

Even if you do not have a degree but have enough skills and knowledge, you can certainly do all these jobs.

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