Echeveria Afterglow plant Care & Guide

How to care echeveria afterglow plant

Echeveria Afterglow plant is a pretty succulent resembles like a rose. It has large rosettes, grow upto 12 inches. It has an adorable blue-coloured fleshy leaf. Leaves have bright pink edges. This plant has a short stem. Scientific Name Echeveria ‘Afterglow’ Family Crassulaceae Subfamily Sedoideae Genus Echeveria Common Names —— Synonyms —— The plant produces … Read more

ZZ plant Care & Guide

How to care ZZ plant

ZZ plant care is very easy. Its scientific name is zamioculcas zamiifolia. This plant is one of the most popular indoor plants that used worldwide in offices and homes. This plant has attractive wide smooth dark green leaves. The leaves can grow up to 40-60 cm long. ZZ plant is a drought-tolerant plant. It can … Read more

String of Pearls plant Care & Guide

How to care string of pearls plant

A string of pearls plant (Scientific name: Curio rowleyanus) is a beautiful, cascading succulent plant. This unique plant is recognized by its leaves that grow into spherical, marble-like little balls. These leaves are cascaded and resemble like a string of beads. Scientific Name Curio rowleyanus Family Asteraceae Subfamily Asteroideae Genus Curio Common Names String of … Read more

Aloe vera Plant Care & Guide

Aloe vera is a stemless succulent plant. It is well known for its nutritional and medicinal properties. The leaves of the Aloe vera plant are thick and fleshy and green in colour. The leaves have small white teeth on the margin. It has been widely grown as an ornamental plant for decorative purpose. Aloe vera … Read more