RAM full form in Computer

The RAM full form in computer is Random Access Memory. It is a short term data storage used by the computer to run the programs. It is basically volatile memory i.e. it temporary stores files on which you are working on. It allows reading and writing operations on a computer. RAM is expensive than the … Read more

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a special letter to an employer or organization where you are applying for the job. Its main purpose is to convey the employer why are you suitable for this job. This letter is sent along with the resume or CV. Many people don’t know exactly what is a cover letter and … Read more

9 Best Air Purifying Indoor Plants

Healthy air quality is our top priority nowadays. Many people use different artificial gadgets to purify indoor air. But do you know! God has gifted us amazing plants that not only fill our stomach but also clean our air by removing harmful gases present in our surroundings. I hope you are searching for some plants … Read more

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is one of the methods of irrigation in which water falls in the form of water droplets. Experts say that this method is discovered in Israel. This method is also known by another name trickle irrigation. In drip irrigation pumps, pipes, valves, drippers and emitters are used. Usually, the discharge rate of water … Read more

String of Dolphins Plant Care & Guide

How to care string of dolphins plant

String of Dolphins plant is a gorgeous vining succulent plant because of its amazing dolphin-shaped, succulent and fleshy leaves. Its scientific name is Senecio peregrinus. Its leaves look like small dolphins jumping and crossing the stem. Hence this plant is also known as String of dolphins. This plant is similar to string succulents like string … Read more