Adoverlay Review With Payment Proof
Adoverlay Review : Premium Online Advertising Network

Hi Guys!
I spent many hours on internet to find good things and ad networks. Whenever I come across any new ad network, I definitely try it. My aim is to provide real and legit information to my readers.
I am back with another interesting and new online advertising network. Yes, I am talking about Adoverlay. I come to know about Adoverlay few days back. In this post I am going to review Adoverlay network. We will find whether is it legit network or not. If you are new to my blog, you can read my original reviews about online advertising network.

Adoverlay Review

Well, Adoverlay is an online ad network based in Romania. It is a part of drs media. It is same company which runs popundertotal popunder network. As the name implies it provides overlay /layer ad format which are based on CPM, CPA, CPS, CPL and CPI revenue model. Adoverlay accepts both general and adult websites.
First of all you have to sign-up for Adoverlay.
After that you can apply your blog or website for approval. Adoverlay review sites before approving them. Approval is very easy. It takes maximum 24 hours for approval process.
The best thing about this ad network is its payout threshold. The minimum payout is $1 only. The publishers can request for payout withdrawal once reached this threshold value.  The payment options available are PayPal and Wire transfer. You can withdraw many times a day.
Second best thing regarding payment is that you will get payment within few hours. Generally 2-4 hours. I have received payment from 2 times within 3 days. You will receive payment on time.
You can check my earnings from Adoverlay

Earnings Adoverlay- bloggerstalent

The CPM rates for Adoverlay is around 0.52$. If you have large or medium traffic blog then it is very good network to test. They share 80% Revenue with their publishers.
The ad format is only one type. They offers layer ad format.
They provide two types of ad code; Javascript ad code without adblock detection and Javascript ad code with adblock detection. So try accoringly to your website nature. Simply adblock detection code simply increases your income by allowing visitors to turnoff adblocker.
Adoverlay has very good dashboard. It is very simple to use. The impressions and earnings are updated in real time. The earnings are calculated according to RTB (Real time bidding). 
They have also very good support. They usually reply within hours to your query.
They have good referral system. Publishers will receive 10% of the referral income for lifetime.
You can see my Adoverlay Payment proof as shown below.

Adoverlay Payment Proof- bloggerstalent

Well, I have received payments on time and my experience with this network is very good. It is very good premium online advertising network. It has 100% fill rate.  I definitely recommend you to try Adoverlay. I hope my Adoverlay review will defintely helps you earning large money out of your blog.

Adoverlay Review : Online Advertising Network With Payment Proof

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