6 Best Ways to Download Torrents Directly with IDM

Are you getting slow speed while downloading torrents using torrent clients like utorrent,bittorrent,etc?So in this post I will tell you how can you download torrent files directly with IDM (Internet download manager) or any other download manager.There are many sites available on internet which download torrent files on their servers and permit you to download that file directly using download manager like IDM. The benefits of using IDM is that it accelerate downloads by up to 5 times.

There are number of websites available that help you to download torrent files directly using IDM. The websites are

1. Zbiz
2. Furk
3. ByteBX
4. Boxopus
5. Putdrive
6. Torrent2exe

Suppose that you want to download this torrent file which is seen below.Download the torrent file (which looks like “abcdef.torrent”).You can also copy the link address.I have given tutorial below how to get work done.
So these are the best websites to download your torrent files. I have given tutorial of each website as given below.

1. How to Download torrent files using Zbigz.com  (Recommended)

Step 1: First go to Zbigz.com
Step 2: Now upload your torrent file and press GO!.
Step 3: After clicking on go button you will see following popup window.Choose from free or premium plan according to your need.
Step 4: Click on free button you will be redirected to following screen and click on zip file.
Step 5: Now here click on start download button and your download will start with full speed.

2. How to Download torrent files using Furk.net

Step 1: You can sign up with any social network or create a new account.
Step 2: After signup you will see this screen.Click on files.
Step 3: Now in my files,click on new option.Add the torrent url or upload your torrent file and press add download.Wait till it fetch after completing fetching process start to download torrent with IDM.

3. How to Download torrent files using ByteBX.com


Step 1: Sign Up for bytebx.com  After successful sign you will see this screen.

Step 2: Just click on upload torrent.A popup window will open.Browse your .torrent file and click GO.

Step 3: After that you will see next popup just click on download button to get your file downloaded.

4. How to Download torrent files using Boxopus.com


Step 1: You can sign up through facebook social network or register with email.
Step 2: It can download the torrent directly to your google drive and dropbox.
Step 3: Now from dropbox or google drive you can download torrents with IDM.

I hope this tutorial will help you in downloading torrent files directly using IDM or other download manager with high speed. I am not encouraging anybody to use torrent to download illegal or legal files. I am just giving you a tutorial on how you can speed your downloads. If  you like this post don’t forget to Share it with your friends.
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