21 Amazing Facts About Computers You Should Know

21 Amazing Facts About Computers
21 Amazing Facts About Computers You Should Know- Bloggerstalent
Computers have become a very important part of our daily life. You can not imagine a world without computers now. Every field has its application whether it is in medical, engineering, aerospace, industries, automation, vehicles, applications, etc. This awesome machine changed our lives in so many ways. Now it becomes so small that it can come in a pocket. There are some interesting facts about computer that you should know.

21 Interesting Facts About Computers

1. Do you know, the first electronic computer ENIAC weighed more than 27 tons and took up 1800 square feet of space.
2. Do you know, the first electro-mechanical computer was developed in 1939.
3. Do you know, about 92% of the world’s currency exists on computers. The remaining 8% is physical money.
4. Do you know, TYPEWRITER is the only longest word that you can write using the letters only on one row of the keyboard of your computer.
5. Do you know, on an average work day, a typist’s fingers travel about 12.6 miles.
6. Do you know, Doug Engelbart invented the first computer mouse made of wood in 1964.
7. Do you know, more than 5000 new computer viruses are generated every month.
8. Do you know, the NVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra video card contains 222 million transistors.
9. Do you know, Alaska is the only state in America that can be typed on one row of a traditional English QWERTY keyboard.
10. Do you know, the password for the computer controls of nuclear tipped missiles of the United States was 00000000 for eight years.
11. Do you know, 20% of online viruses are released by organized crime units.
12. Do you know, HP, Microsoft and Apple have one thing common – they were all started in a small garage.
13. Do you know, an average person normally blinks 20 times a minute. But when a person using a computer then he/she blinks only 7 times a minute.
14. Do you know, the house where Bill Gates lives, was designed using a Macintosh computer.
15. Do you know, people are able to read as much as 10% slower from a screen than from paper.
16. Do you know, the first hard drive was created in 1979 and could hold only 5MB of data.
17. Do you know, the first 1GB hard disk drive was announced in 1980 which weighed about 550 pounds, and had a cost of $40,000 (american dollars).
18. Do you know, more than 80% of the emails sent everyday are spams.
19. Do you know, a group of 12 engineers designed the IBM PC and they were called as “The Dirty Dozen”.
20. Do you know, the original name of windows was Interface Manager.
21. Do you know, IBM 5120 was the heaviest desktop computer ever made in 1980. It weighed about 105 pounds, not including the 130 pounds external floppy drive.
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